BBC Sound of 2013 Nominees

The BBC predict the soundtrack of next year with their Sound of 2013 long list nominees.

11 Dec 2012 Morgan Roberts

Ball in Touch Variant 1 smaller

Rugby Union: Ball In Touch

Starting today is WhatCulture’s first regular rugby column by our rugby correspondent, Jeff Ball. Keep an eye out for his thoughts on all the latest developments within the world of rugby every week

3 Nov 2011 Jeff Ball


Major DOCTOR WHO Season 7 Scheduling Change

Season 7 of Doctor Who will not premiere during the established easter time slot in 2012. Instead it has been decided to not air Season 7 until Autumn 2012...

23 Sep 2011 Jamie Slough


SPOOKS The Final Season Preview & Trailer

It’s been almost ten years since Spooks first teased audiences with the promise of "MI5 not 9 to 5". Since then it has gone on to establish itself as one of the channel's flagship dramas. It returns next Sunday for its final season...

14 Sep 2011 Fay Brennan