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10 Ways Warner Bros. Should've Made The DCEU

We could've done without the big crossover as the first sequel.
By Ewan Paterson

The Batman Rumour: Matt Reeves Doesn't Want Ben Affleck

The end is nigh.
By Simon Gallagher

8 Reasons Why Justice League Will Make Ben Affleck The Definitive Batman

Christian Bale won't know what hit him.
By Matt Cooke

Ben Affleck Doesn't Know How Many More Times He'll Play Batman

Sun rise, sun set, Affleck unsure.
By Simon Gallagher

7 Upcoming Movies That Will Change How You See Iconic Characters

Reinventing the wheel.
By Mark Langshaw

Zack Snyder Says Ben Affleck Is The Best Ever Batman

Well, he would, wouldn't he?!
By Simon Gallagher

Matt Reeves Clarifies That The Batman IS Part Of The DCEU

It'll stand alone, but won't be a standalone.
By James Hunt

The Batman: Casey Affleck Says Ben Affleck Isn’t Doing It

Brotherly banter or an accidental confirmation?
By Simon Gallagher

New Justice League Concept Art Reveals Batman's Massive 'Flying Fox' Plane

Batman's got a brand new toy.
By James Hunt

The Batman: Actually, Ben Affleck HASN'T Signed On For A Trilogy

Calm down, it's all bullsh*t.
By Simon Gallagher