Bill Murray Larger Than Life

10 Bill Murray Movies You Should Throw Out The Window

Giving the expression "Bill payer" a whole new meaning.
By Steve Palace
Groundhog Day 4

Just How Many Days Does Bill Murray REALLY Spend Stuck Reliving Groundhog Day?

WhatCulture's Simon Gallagher answers one of the most asked questions in cinematic history...
By Simon Gallagher
Movies Bill Murray No One Will Believe You

10 Best Bill Murray Stories (That Nobody Believes Actually Happened)

Everyone has a Bill Murray story, it's just that no one will ever believe you.
By Ian McCabe
Rock the Kasbah Bill Murray

10 Awful 2015 Movies That Deserved To Bomb At The Box Office

Fantastic Bore, Point(less) Break... the list goes on.
By Jack Pooley
Peter Venkman

8 Iconic Movie Characters That Were Mostly Improvised

Apparently, there's no reason to hire screenwriters in Hollywood.
By Jacob Trowbridge
Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind 2

12 Movies You Didn’t Notice Were About Mental Illness

Disturbed cartoon characters, neurotic comedy leads and sad superheroes.
By Helen Jones
Bill Murray Ghost Ghostbusters

13 Bonkers Theories About 2016’s Movies That Surely Can’t Be True

Peter Venkman...a ghost?
By Jack Pooley
Bill Murray Lucy Liu Charlie's Angels

9 Times Actors Got Into Fistfights On Set

You know things are bad when even George Clooney loses his temper.
By Padraig Cotter
Scrooged Bill Murray

10 Movie Heroes Who Were Actually Suffering A Nervous Breakdown

Being a hero is a stressful job.
By Padraig Cotter
Zombieland bill murray

11 Confusing Moments That Prove All Movies Exist In An Alternate Reality

Beware the Huey Lewis Paradox.
By Simon Gallagher
Very Murray Christmas 2

6 Things New To Netflix This Week (Nov 30)

Christmas is coming, and Bill Murray's coming back
By Damien St John
Space Jam Jordan Murray Bunny

10 Performances That Prove NBA Players Make The Best Movie Stars

Hollywood's MVPs.
By Brydie Lee Kennedy
bill murray ghostbusters 3

Billy Murray WILL Appear In GhostBusters Reboot

He still ain't afraid of no ghost.
By Daniel Kelly
A Very Murray Christmas

13 Upcoming Netflix Original Shows To Be Excited About

Netflix continues it's quest for world domination, one social-life at a time.
By James Hunt
Man Who Knew Too little

20 Hidden Comedy Gems To Watch On Netflix

Comedy gems on Netflix guaranteed to have you in stitches.
By Andrew Dilks
Groundhog Day Suicide 2

11 Distressed Movie Characters Who Couldn't Kill Themselves To End Their Pain

When suicide isn't an option.
By Simon Gallagher
Bill Murray Fantastic Four

20 Mind-Blowing Facts About The Fantastic Four

Bill Murray played the Human Torch. Yeah, seriously.
By Josh Wilding

10 Delightfully Dark Christmas Movies

Because most of us are miserable on Christmas and it's about time Hollywood reflected that.
By Audrey Fox
Bill Murray Kingpin

Bill Murray: 5 Awesome Performances And 5 That Sucked

"Human sacrifice! Dogs and cats living together! Mass hysteria!"
By Simon Gallagher
Phil And Rita

10 Ways To Trick Someone Into Falling In Love With You

If they won't fall at your feet...trip them up...
By Cheish Merryweather
Bill Murray Quick Change

8 Lesser Known Bill Murray Classics

Don't just stick with the same movies you always see. Try these forgotten flicks on for size...
By Luke Irwin
Grand Budapest Hotel

The Grand Budapest Hotel Review

Wes Anderson's latest has the idiosyncratic director working at the height of his powers.
By Ken Guidry
Anchorman 2 Will Smith

10 Famous Actors Who Have Resigned Themselves To Just Doing Cameos

What's wrong with paying your bills through an extensive amount of bit parts, brief…
By WhatCulture
Tom Cruise Tropic Thunder

10 Greatest Comedic Cameos That Dominated Their Respective Films

Because sometimes, keeping it short and sweet makes you all the more hilarious.
By Philip Clarke
The Monuments Men

The Monuments Men Review

By Ken Guidry
Groundhog Day Bill Murray

Why Groundhog Day Still Matters

It's Groundhog Day, so we're looking at the film again. And again. And again. And so on.
By Michael Perone

10 Little Known Facts About Your Favourite Christmas Films

By Alex Leadbeater

15 Maddest Scientists In Movie History

By Chris Combs

8 Best Movie Career Comebacks

By Stephen Kennedy
Wbill Murray

9 Reasons Bill Murray Will Always Be Better Than You

By Stephen Roberts