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9 Greatest Movies Set In Scotland

29 Jun 2013 Francesca Street

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Isn't It About Time Disney/Pixar Embraced Homosexuality?

A certain angry subculture of internet bloggers exploded with hatred at the mere suggestion that Brave's lead character Merida was lesbian...

14 Sep 2012 Daniel Bowen

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Edinburgh Film Festival Diary #7 - Brave, A Woman's Revenge, Life Just Is

The 66th Edinburgh International Film Festival wound down yesterday with closing night film Brave...

1 Jul 2012 Adam Whyte

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Edinburgh Film Festival: Brave Review

It is entertaining, funny, and even a little touching but this isn't on the same level as Wall-E or Up.

29 Jun 2012 Adam Whyte

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Edinburgh International Film Festival Diary #1

Although the programme isn’t ostensibly the most exciting I’ve seen, the Festival in general does seem to have a better balance this year between its need to make money and sell tickets.

18 Jun 2012 Adam Whyte

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Temple Run: Brave Review [iOS]

As with the original Temple Run, Brave is very addictive and you'll just keep wanting to play over and over

16 Jun 2012 Jeana Cunningham

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Pixar’s Brave Gets Full Trailer

Pixar's Brave gets a new full trailer, which remains elusive over its narrative, but suggests a prevalent sense of humour.

25 Apr 2012 Mike Histon

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Poll: Prometheus, Avengers, Batman...If You Could Only Watch One Film In 2012

Gun to your head. If you could only watch one film this year, what would it be?

24 Mar 2012 Brad Williams

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Poll: The Dark Knight Rises or Prometheus - What Will Be Biggest Film of 2012?

Or will it be The Avengers or The Amazing Spider-Man? In a blockbuster filled year, which will ultimately triumphant as the biggest?

23 Mar 2012 Luke Stevenson

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Biggest Films of 2012 - Disney/Pixar's Brave

Its got everything; myths, monsters, whimsical Scottish people and a classic Pixar theme...

16 Mar 2012 Luke Stevenson

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Disney Pixar's Brave To Close Edinburgh 2012 Film Festival On June 30th

This will be the European premiere of Pixar's first original animated effort in the three years since Up.

13 Mar 2012 Matt Holmes

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Disney Pixar's Brave: First Clip Now Online

The brand new clip features an uninterrupted glimpse at an actual scene from the movie, coming to theaters June 22nd (US) and August 17th (UK).

23 Feb 2012 Matt Holmes

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Disney Pixar Announce Next Two New Feature Films

Two new features slated for release in 2013 and 2014 announced at Disney's D23 Expo...

21 Aug 2011 Simon Gallagher

Pixar Goes Gaellic: BRAVE Teaser Trailer

29 Jun 2011 Simon Gallagher