Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

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Call Of Duty: 15 Iconic Moments That Confirm Its Genius

Sure, some folks may hate it. But still, Call Of Duty does occasionally pull an awesome rabbit out of its mega-budget hat.

6 Feb 2014 Josh Stewart

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10 Exceptional First-Person Shooter Games That Defined The Last 10 Years

Hundreds of first-person shooters have been released over the course of the last decade: which ones will we still be talking about in 10 years time?

18 Dec 2013 David Noriega

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Black Ops 2: Where It Succeeds And Fails

Love the series or not, it just seemingly won't die.

9 Aug 2012 Ryan Musker

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Modern Warfare 3 DLC Terminal Map Confirmed

The highly rated airport-based map will now be available on the newest Call of Duty game for free.

6 Jul 2012 Matt Robinson

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Black Ops 2: 5 Reasons It Will Be the Best Call of Duty Ever

Black Ops II has all the makings of the best Call of Duty game since 2007.

5 Jul 2012 Edward Smith

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New Modern Warfare 3 Multiplayer Announced

New multiplayer maps to be released very soon for Modern Warfare 3.

9 May 2012 Matt Mann

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Are Video Games Like Batman: Arkham City Too Much Fun?

For a fleeting moment, when I see that ‘100% completion’ on my TV screen, there will be a huge sigh of relief and achievement...

19 Mar 2012 Brad Williams

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Modern Warfare 3 DLC For PS3 Coming Feb 28th

These will be the exact same map packs as the ones Xbox 360 users are playing now; however the PS3 map pack will include two new maps Liberation and Piazza.

2 Feb 2012 Matt Mann

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CALL OF DUTY BLACK OPS 2 in Development?

Black Ops sold 14 million copes so it's not really surprising to hear a sequel is coming...

9 Jan 2012 Matt Mann

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WhatCulture's 2011 Game Of The Year

WhatCulture's readers have voted, find out who your Game of the Year is and check out our recap of the highlights of 2011.

6 Jan 2012 Ed Moorhouse

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SKYRIM Tops UK Charts After Price Drops Leads To 145% Sales Increase

It is the first time since release that Modern Warfare 3 has not held the top spot in the weekly UK sales chart.

12 Dec 2011 Matt Mann

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Activision CEO Claims Video Games Are Treated Unfairly

Says gamers should be held to the same standards as their Hollywood counterparts.

23 Nov 2011 Matt Mann

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Modern Warfare 3: 1600+ Bans Issued to Cheaters, Hackers and Glitchers

Inifnity Ward's community manager confirms massive number of hackers and cheaters banned from playing the mega-selling FPS.

21 Nov 2011 Simon Gallagher

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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Review [XBox 360]

The brand new addition to Infinity Ward and Activision's behemoth FPS franchise is here - but we discover it's not quite the immediate triumph it was predicted to be.

16 Nov 2011 Simon Gallagher

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Game Hates You Podcast #2 - Skyrim, Saints Row: The Third & More

WARNING: Explicit language and opinions that many fanboys may find offensive.

15 Nov 2011 Jim Cross

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New CALL OF DUTY In 2012

One day after the release of Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3, Activision has confirmed that a new Call of Duty game will be released in 2012.

9 Nov 2011 Matt Mann