gaming asuras_wrath_ps3tboxart_160w

Asura's Wrath UK Release Pushed Back Two Weeks

Capcom pushed back the Feb 24th release to March 9th, citing "the uncertainty of the UK retail market" as the reason.

9 Feb 2012 Matt Mann

gaming Dragon's Dogma 1

Dragon's Dogma: Brand New Story Trailer Released

Brand new trailer released for Capcom's upcoming open-world actioner, set for release in May.

31 Jan 2012 Simon Gallagher

gaming Dragons Dogma

Resident Evil 6 Demo Released With Dragon's Dogma in May

Capcom's upcoming zombiepocalypse sequel demo released with open-world actioner on May 22nd in NA and May 25 in Europe.

31 Jan 2012 Simon Gallagher

gaming Phoenix Wright

Capcom Confirms Ace Attorney 5 In the Works

It seems our favorite video game attorney Phoenix Wright will be back in action sometime in the near future.

30 Jan 2012 Matt Mann

gaming Resident Evil 6 Header

Resident Evil 6 Will Feature 8-player Co-op

The latest addition to the survival-horror series has a few hidden surprises. And not just the expected scary ones.

23 Jan 2012 Dom McKenzie

gaming Res Evil 6

Resident Evil 6 Announced: Capcom Confirm 20th December 2012 Release

The world will once more be infected by the zombie virus at the end of the year, with the sixth Resident Evil franchise installment set for release.

19 Jan 2012 Simon Gallagher

gaming NoHopeLeft

Resident Evil 6: "No Hope Left" Viral Teasing Release Announcement?

Thanks to a viral that has just hit the net it looks like we are going to be learning a lot more about the upcoming release of Capcom's Resident Evil 6.

18 Jan 2012 Simon Gallagher

gaming Asura's Wrath

Asura's Wrath Video Preview [Xbox 360]

If Bayonetta and Dragon Ball Z had a drunken one night stand, Asura’s Wrath would be the answer to Bayonetta’s question: “Did I forget to take my birth control?”

12 Jan 2012 Ed Moorhouse

gaming Resident Evil Revelations

Resident Evil: Revelations - Preview

Capcom brings Resident Evil back to its horror roots with a 3DS exclusive that's so frightening you'll only want to play it when comfortably surrounded by other, less terrified, commuters.

6 Jan 2012 Stephen Leigh

gaming dmc_hd_collection_thumb

Devil May Cry HD Collection Coming Next Year

HD Collections must be popular because every developer seems to be remaking and re-releasing at least one of their famous franchises in the format.

21 Dec 2011 Matt Mann

gaming ult marvel vs capcom 3 header

Ultimate Marvel VS Capcom 3 Review [XBox 360]

Just 9 months since the original Marvel vs Capcom 3's release and Capcom have deemed it necessary to bring out a more “ultimate” edition. Should we be surprised? Probably not, but is it worth it?

5 Dec 2011 Michael Atkinson

gaming Ult Marvel vs Capcom

Ultimate Marvel v Capcom 3 DLC Announced

Capcom announce eleven upcoming variant costume DLC packs for the Ultimate edition of Marvel vs Capcom 3.

19 Nov 2011 Simon Gallagher

gaming Devil May Cry

DEVIL MAY CRY: HD Collection Trailer

Devil May Cry may be getting a an emo reboot but for those who prefer their demon slaying white haired, red coated and full of cheesy one liners Capcom are re-releasing the first three Devil May Cry games in glorious HD.

4 Nov 2011 Ed Moorhouse

DMC: Some Awesome New Stills From The Upcoming Devil May Cry Reboot

Calling all demon hunters. Dante is back and more emo than ever and while Ninja Theory's design choices might not be all that, these latest stills are looking pretty damned sexy.

3 Nov 2011 Ed Moorhouse

gaming res_evil_revelationsboxart_160w


Which is a $10 US increase over the normal price of a 3DS game but it's because the game will require a 4GB, double that of the standard 2GB cartridge.

2 Nov 2011 Matt Mann

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Batman: Arkham City & Saints Row: The Third Available For Download on EA's Origin

Warner Bros Interactive, THQ, and Capcom have all agreed to let their titles be sold through the download service.

27 Oct 2011 Matt Mann

gaming Off The Record hEader


Capcom's Dead Rising 2 retelling reunites zombie slaying legend Frank West with the hordes of brain munchers he faced once before. Let the carnage begin...

15 Oct 2011 Simon Gallagher

gaming top8headersequels

Top 8 Games That Deserve Sequels.

Everyone has a game that they think deserves a sequel, here are just a few of our picks.

4 Aug 2011 Harriet Jones

gaming re6

Rumors Swirl of RESIDENT EVIL 6

Does this picture indicate when we might learn of Capcom's next addition to the zombie apocalypse franchise?

23 Jul 2011 Matt Mann

XBOX 360 Review: MOTO GP 10/11

23 Mar 2011 Simon Gallagher