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Game Of Thrones: 9 Crazy Fan Theories About Tyrion Lannister

He is the god of t*ts & wine, but what else is Tyrion Lannister?

6 Oct 2015 James Hunt

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10 Game Of Thrones Characters Who Died Way Too Soon

"Hey, I think I'm starting to like that gu...NOOO WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!"

29 Sep 2015 Michael Potts

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Game Of Thrones: 12 Greatest Anti-Heroes In Westeros

Not all heroes are good people, and not every villain is evil.

3 Jul 2015 Michael Potts

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Star Wars 7: 7 Awesome Actors Who Could Play The Villain

Star Wars Episode 7 is due Christmas 2015. Official castings should be imminent...

20 Feb 2014 Robert Tiemstra

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Underworld Awakening Review: Pointless & Shrewdly Conceived

This superfluous fourth entry is at least graced with the presence of a returning Kate Beckinsale, but with a script demonstrating this much contempt for its audience, how much does her PVC-clad swagger really count for?

22 Jan 2012 Shaun Munro

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Blu Ray Review: GOING POSTAL

24 Aug 2010 Simon Gallagher