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TV Review: TWO AND HALF MEN 9.1, Nice To Meet You, Walden Schmidt

So how has creator Chuck Lorre written out Charlie Sheen and written in Ashton Kutcher? Plenty of plot spoilers here, so if you haven't seen the Season 9 Premiere do not read on!…
By D.J. Haza

Blu-ray Review: Being John Malkovich - Perfunctory HD Offering Falls Far Short of Film's Genius

It's an amazing, cerebral film with one of the most original premises in memory, undermined here by half-assed presentation and 20 minutes of winking lo-def extras.…
By Robert Beames

12 People We'd Most Like To See In Celebrity Big Brother

With potential celebrities being rumored for the show including Pamela Anderson, Mike Tyson and even Charlie Sheen, here’s our list of 12 people we’d most like to see on Celebrity Big Brother.…
By Stephen Leigh

Charlie Sheen's TWO & A HALF MEN Character To Be Killed Off...

... rumoured to be dead at the start of the ninth season to make room for Ashton Kutcher's new character Raymond who, as of yet, has still not had his connection to the family within the show revealed.…
By Thomas Goodyear

Scandal in 140 Characters: The Best TWITTER Melt-downs

We run down some of the most notorious examples of when Twitter goes wrong.
By Simon Gallagher

Charlie Sheen Likely To Topline Channel 5's UK CELEBRITY BIG BROTHER

Former Two and a Half Men actor offered £6 million to star in the newly revamped and relaunched reality t.v. series that debuts on Channel 5 later this month with a new celebrity version.…
By Matt Holmes

Ashton Kutcher Set to Join TWO AND A HALF MEN

By Peter Willis

Charlie Sheen's Stand-Up Bombs In Detroit

By Ben Szwediuk

Charlie Sheen Wants Comeback to The MAJOR LEAGUE!

By Ben Szwediuk