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New Prometheus Trailer Has Landed!

The new Prometheus IMAX trailer has landed and it's like no other trailer out there.

17 Mar 2012 Matt Holmes

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New Shot From Ridley Scott's Prometheus Revealed

This seems to be the first shot that really gives us a glimpse of Ridley Scott's approach to 3D that will be used in the film when it arrives in June.

7 Mar 2012 Marcus Doidge

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New Prometheus International Trailer

Trailer has snippets of new footage from Ridley Scott's return to his Alien saga, coming June 8th.

16 Feb 2012 Matt Holmes

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Producer Reveals Details on Princess Diana's Bodyguard Biopic

"Unless you are a Diana freak, quite a lot of it will be unknown to the audience. The movie’s not saying she is unbelievably ­wonderful or she’s a pain in the neck, the audience can make their own view."

7 Feb 2012 Matt Holmes

film young adult

Young Adult Review: A Singular, Challenging, Hilarious Drama

This prickly and challenging film smartly challenges our expectations of the character-driven drama, and thanks to Charlize Theron and Patton Oswalt's impressive performances, has the makings of a cult favourite.

3 Feb 2012 Shaun Munro

New International Poster for Ridley Scott's Prometheus

The giant head is starting to look like Marlon Brando in Apocalypse Now!

23 Jan 2012 Matt Holmes

film hancock

Peter Berg Says Will Smith Has Idea For Hancock 2

Original superhero movie grossed $600 million worldwide back in 2008 but the sequel all depends on Will Smith's scheduling.

19 Jan 2012 Matt Holmes

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Where To Watch Ridley Scott's PROMETHEUS Trailer

Trailer will be attached to U.S. prints of The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo from 7pm today and should be available online too.

20 Dec 2011 Matt Holmes

film Picture 118

New PROMETHEUS Images Are Obscure & Intriguing

See Charlize Theron do her best Ripley impression, Michael Fassbender & Noomi Rapace have freaky Photoshop poses, and then a creepy giant mythic sculptured head...

23 Nov 2011 Matt Holmes

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Charlize Theron – A Life in Pictures, BAFTA Tribute

On her first role; ‘I was totally unprepared for that. A year earlier I had bought a one-way ticket from South Africa to Hollywood and now I was seven feet tall in my underwear on a billboard’.

14 Nov 2011 Adam Rayner

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Charlize Theron Wants To Take CITIES OF REFUGE

Would star as “a female investigator brought in to solve a brutal murder and kidnapping in which things aren’t what they seem” in an original crime thriller from first time writer Brandon Willer.

22 Sep 2011 Matt Holmes

Images From PROMETHEUS Comic Con Trailer Are Online

Low-quality snaps taken from Ridley Scott's sci-fi movie have a very Alien feel to them.

1 Aug 2011 Matt Holmes

film first look promtehus

Watch Ridley Scott's PROMETHEUS Comic Con Press Conference

Damon Lindelof and Charlize Theron talk about Ridley Scott's former Alien prequel now bad-ass sounding original sci-fi film.

22 Jul 2011 Matt Holmes

film first look promtehus

First Official Photo From Ridley Scott's PROMETHEUS!

First look at the legendary director's uber exciting return to the sci-fi genre is revealed at Comic Con.... but don't go calling it an Alien prequel!

21 Jul 2011 Matt Holmes

film 311112-ridley_scott_006_super

Ridley Scott's PROMETHEUS Filming In Iceland

Veteran director takes his new science fiction film to shoot at a reportedly ready to erupt Hekla Volcano!

12 Jul 2011 Adam Lock

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Universal's SNOW WHITE AND THE HUNTSMAN Planned As A Trilogy

There'll be no happily ever after for Kristen Stewart's fairest of them all as a film trilogy is planned.

2 Jul 2011 Matt Holmes

film snow white

Hossein Amini To Re-Write Universal's SNOW WHITE AND THE HUNTSMAN

15 Jun 2011 Matt Holmes

film hugh jackman snow white and the huntsman

Hugh Jackman Might Drop Wolverine For SNOW WHITE AND THE HUNTSMAN?

6 Apr 2011 Matt Holmes

film mad max

George Miller Hopes To Film MAD MAX: FURY ROAD in January

4 Mar 2011 Matt Holmes

film charlize theron promtheus

Charlize Theron Joins Ridley Scott's PROMETHEUS

12 Feb 2011 Matt Holmes