Tom Hardy on MAD MAX 4: "Imagine a hungry wolf... very hungry and very dangerous"

27 Jun 2010 Matt Holmes

UPDATED: England hoping Charlize Theron puts a good performance in today

And she did! USA, Slovenia and Algeria are drawn against England, couldn't have gone better!

4 Dec 2009 Matt Holmes

HANCOCK 2 writers hired

25 Aug 2009 Matt Holmes

Superhuman DVD release? Simon takes HANCOCK home...

6 Jan 2009 Simon Gallagher

Pierce Brosnan wants Charlize Theron over Angelina Jolie for THOMAS CROWN AFFAIR 2

12 Nov 2008 Matt Holmes

Nicole Kidman as world's first Post-Op Transexual, opposite his/her wife Charlize Theron in THE DANISH GIRL!

8 Nov 2008 Matt Holmes

Charlie Theron packs her bags to follow Tom Cruise's THE TOURIST!

4 Nov 2008 Matt Holmes


Those who disliked I AM LEGEND'S CGI, will be happy to here this...

7 Aug 2008 Matt Holmes

HANCOCK doesn't age!

3 Jun 2008 Matt Holmes

Extended trailer for HANCOCK!

"Call me a jerk... one more time".

24 Apr 2008 Matt Holmes

Lots of HANCOCK images...

Just four months away now!

28 Mar 2008 Matt Holmes

Updates on THE ROAD

6 Feb 2008 Matt Holmes

Theron playing a Hollywood actress & inventor?

4 Feb 2008 Matt Holmes

Charlize Theron hitches a ride on THE ROAD

15 Jan 2008 Matt Holmes


Overall, the film isn't bad. The stunning cinematography, brilliant acting and moving score give the film a well-rounded feel that finds the perfect tone for the content.

11 Jan 2008 Michael Edwards

Hancock: The Will Smith Superhero Film

Charlize Theron, Jason Bateman and Peter Berg talk about upcoming superhero movie Hancock

4 Sep 2007 Will Reynolds

The Hurt Locker gets a new cast

17 Jul 2007 Matt Holmes

Charlize Theron knows about The Burning Plain

12 Jul 2007 Matt Holmes

Alan Parker to tell us about Coram Boy

11 Jul 2007 Matt Holmes

John Hancock is drinking & flying

8 Jul 2007 Matt Holmes