Claire Danes

10 TV Shows That Should Have Quit While They Were Ahead

TV that stuck it out well beyond their shelf life. Always check the ‘best before’ date, kids.…
By Jack Morrell

10 Celebrity Pairs You Won't Believe Went To School Together

Batman went to school with Lex Luthor. And the inventor of Flubber went with Superman. Who knew?!…
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5 Reasons Why Homeland Is Failing

By Scott Tailford

Homeland Season 2: 5 Reasons To Be Excited

By Rob Sellars

Homeland: 5 Directions We're Hoping Season 2 Will Go

The second season of Homeland premieres in just a few weeks. Here are our hopes, worries, and most importantly, ideas that Homeland should take into consideration.…
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Why Homeland Is The Best TV Show You're Not Watching

There's a reason Homeland, Claire Danes, and Damian Lewis were each respectively nominated for Best Drama Series, Best Actress in a Drama Series, and Best Actor in a Drama Series at the 69th Golden Globe Awards.…
By Andy Wong

TV Review: HOMELAND 1.3, “Clean Skin”

After a strong pilot and second episode, I feel that this week’s episode hits a slight snag, the plot is sufficient and the closing act had enough to keep me interested for next week, but I felt it lacked the emotional suspense.…
By Emile Lewis