There Will Be Blood Daniel Day Lewis

20 Movies Since 2000 Destined To Become Classics

They will be legends.
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Daniel Day Lewis The Unbearable Lightness Of Being

9 Completely Pointless Preparations By Method Actors

Sometimes, drinking melted Haagen Dazs for a role doesn't pay off.
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10 Film Villains We Secretly Wanted To Win

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43. There Will Be Blood, End Scene

10 Brilliantly Realistic Movie Breakdowns

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Rescuedawn Still4 Cr

8 Method Actors Who Nearly Died Making Famous Movies

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12 Greatest Ways Anyone Ever Accepted An Award

"Did I really earn this, or did I just wear you all down?"
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Heath Ledger

10 Best Acting Performances Of The Last Decade

Tracking back to 2004 (odd year, but never mind) we chronicle the finest acting performances…
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10 Actors Who Look Exactly Like The Characters They Played

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11 Actors Who Are Perfect For Marvel Cinematic Universe Characters

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10 Method Actors Who Went Unnecessarily Extreme For Movie Roles

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10 Incredible Actors Who Went Bad To Win An Oscar

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Godfather II

3 Gangster Films That Explore The American Immigrant Experience

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CORRECT SIZE Lincoln Day-Lewis

Oscars 2013 Live: Daniel Day-Lewis Wins Best Actor

By Simon Gallagher

Lincoln Review: Daniel Day-Lewis And Spielberg Craft A Masterful Biopic

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Lincoln Review: Spielberg's Rousing Brilliance

The man, the myth, the review of the film
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Lincoln Review: History Comes to Remarkable Life

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Daniel Day-Lewis: 5 Awesome Performances With 5 Insane Preparations

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there will be blood

Is Daniel Plainview the Protagonist of There Will Be Blood?

Daniel Plainview is not, by any stretch of the imagination, a good person. However, he is not…
By Larry Taylor

John Williams' Lincoln Score Revealed - Tracking Listing

The soundtrack will be released on November 6th, and the film on November 9th.
By Jeremy Sollie
sallly field lincolnm

Sally Field Will Still Play LINCOLN's Wife For Steven Spielberg

By Matt Holmes

Christian Bale Wins Poll For Most Extreme Movie Role Ever

By Laurent Kelly
spielberg lincoln

Daniel-Day Lewis will star in Steven Spielberg’s LINCOLN in 2012!

By Matt Holmes

NINE's a bit of an odd, flat musical number?

The curtain is drawn on Nine and the applause is weak?
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Scorsese, Day-Lewis, Del Toro, Bernal. Nuff said.

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First look at the beautiful cast of NINE!

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Daniel Day-Lewis in NINE?

One 2008 Oscar winner replaces another?
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Like the movie itself, this first DVD release of the near-masterpiece is cryptic, moody, and a…
By Ray DeRousse


Finally, Obsessed With Film have a review of one of the best films of 2007. Paul Thomas…
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PTA undecided on his next film?

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Paul Thomas Anderson's There Will Be Blood trailer

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