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Stunningly, David Fincher Will Direct World War Z 2

Gone Girl director in line for a fourth Pitt collaboration.
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Release date set but Rooney Mara and Daniel Craig are out.
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David Fincher's Utopia Is Dead At HBO

Remake of the channel 4 show won't go ahead with director Fincher or writer Gillian Flynn.
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10 Reasons Alien 3 Is A Misunderstood Masterpiece

When was the last time you actually gave the movie a chance?
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Sony Have Alternative Plans For The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo Sequels Without David Fincher

Would Rooney Mara and Daniel Craig return without him?
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10 Things You Didn't Know About Fight Club

Russell Crowe as Tyler Durden, anyone?
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10 Amazing Unmade David Fincher Films

Sadly, Ei8ht is not among them...
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This is the film's real ace and where Fincher's aims really lie.
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Gone Girl Review: 10 Reasons It's Awesome

Spoiler free run down of why Fincher has totally nailed it.
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