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utopia tv

David Fincher's Utopia Is Dead At HBO

Remake of the channel 4 show won't go ahead with director Fincher or writer Gillian Flynn.
By Daniel Kelly

10 Reasons Alien 3 Is A Misunderstood Masterpiece

When was the last time you actually gave the movie a chance?
By Percival Constantine
Director David Fincher arrives a press conference to promote his movie

Sony Have Alternative Plans For The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo Sequels Without David Fincher

Would Rooney Mara and Daniel Craig return without him?
By Brendon Connelly
Tyler Durden Russell Crowe 2

10 Things You Didn't Know About Fight Club

Russell Crowe as Tyler Durden, anyone?
By Sam Hill
David Fincher The Girl Who Played With Fires

10 Amazing Unmade David Fincher Films

Sadly, Ei8ht is not among them...
By Tom Baker
Gone Girl Rosamund Pike Amy Close Up

What Does The Ending Of Gone Girl Really Mean?

This is the film's real ace and where Fincher's aims really lie.
By Alex Leadbeater
Gone Girl

Gone Girl Review: 10 Reasons It's Awesome

Spoiler free run down of why Fincher has totally nailed it.
By Jack Pooley
Gone Girl Trailer

Watch: David Fincher's Gone Girl Trailer

"She may be the face I can't forget..."
By WhatCulture

15 Directors Who Do The Same Thing In Every Movie

It's a good bet Tarantino will include feet and obligatory trunk shots no matter what the…
By Mark Allen
Quentin Tarantino Reservoir Dogs

10 Great Filmmakers Best Remembered For The Wrong Films

Are we discrediting some of cinema's best directors by forgetting their best movies?
By Brogan Morris
Steve Jobs

David Fincher In Talks To Direct Steve Jobs Biopic

Movie would see him re-team with his Social Network writer Aaron Sorkin and producer Scott…
By Matt Holmes
House Of Cards 10

House Of Cards: 10 Awesome Moments From Season 2

We've binged on the new season already. Wow. Just, wow.
By Jack Pooley
Dragon Tattoo

10 Controversial Films With Scenes Of Explicit Sexual Violence

By Clare Simpson

5 Philosophies We Can Learn From Fight Club

By Simon Collins
3 Drunk Blogging

10 Highly Questionable Actions Committed By Mark Zuckerberg (In The Social Network)

By Molly Tracy
Michael Bay1

10 Directors Who Are Notoriously Difficult To Work With

By Brogan Morris

10 Unbelievable Backstories To Iconic Movie Moments

By Alex Leadbeater
Taxio Driver

4 Violent Films That Defined Eras

By Sergio Bravo Jr.
6. chris-nolan

10 Directors You Can Always Trust To Deliver Awesome Films

By Collin Llewellyn
The Social Network

The Effects of Music And Sound In David Fincher's The Social Network

By Alexander Bell
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David Fincher: Ranking His Movies From Worst To Best

By David Braga

Why David Fincher Needs To Direct 'Gone Girl'

By Marshall Granger
david fincher alien 3

10 Directors Who Seriously Detested Their Own Movies

By Andrew Edward Davies
fight club soap

5 Changes That Would've Improved Fight Club

By Dan Wakefield
Fight Club

5 Pop Culture Rules That Would Definitely Improve Fight Club

By Luke Stevenson

10 Great Music Videos That Would Make Even Better Films

By Paul England

5 Directors For Another New Batman Movie

Here is a new WhatCulture default message: The Dark Knight Rises Spoilers Lie Ahead.
By Luke Stevenson

5 Movies Hollywood ALMOST Got Right

Five films Hollywood could have gotten right if only they’d paid closer attention...
By Adam Borders

6 Reasons Why David Fincher's Spider-Man Movie Would Have Been Awesome

He was twice in the running but the auteur behind Se7en and Zodiac never did get his chance to…
By Andrew Edward Davies

David Fincher's The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo Blu-ray To Have Over 4 Hours of Extras

The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo Blu-ray & DVD is due for release April 23rd in the UK.
By Matt Holmes