Dead Space


10 Horror Game Cross-Overs We Want To See

We all love a good horror game, there is no denying that and we all have our favourite game characters. So why not mix them together a bit and see what results we come up with, in the spirit of experimentation?

2 Jul 2012 Stephen Chapman


Part of DEAD SPACE Developer Shut Down

It was reported yesterday that part of the team responsible for working on Dead Space, Visceral Games in Melbourne, Australia will be shut down.

19 Sep 2011 Matt Mann


5 Video Games That Need To Be Movies

Today, once and for all, here on WhatCulture! I am going to give you a definitive list of the Top 5 games that NEED to be made into movies and, you never know, if we get enough support they may just happen.

4 Aug 2011 Thomas Goodyear