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15 Most Disappointing Video Game Sequels Of The Decade (So Far)

How do you get something so right, and then SO wrong?!

6 Apr 2015 Josh Brown

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12 Most Difficult Gaming Moments Of 2013

What good is a video game unless it's making you wish you'd never bought the damn thing?!

8 Jan 2014 Jack Pooley

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Dead Space 3: EA's Marketing Team Should Be Sacked

All right everyone, time to let out your collective sighs and groans.

21 Jul 2012 Adam Nystrom

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Dead Space 3 – First Gameplay Look

New gameplay and commentary released by Visceral Games.

19 Jun 2012 Alex Turner

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EA: We Want Dead Space 3 to Appeal to "Broad Audience"

EA giving Dead Space franchise the BioWare treatment of trying to reach a broader audience.

15 Jun 2012 Matt Mann

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E3 2012: Did We Bid Farewell To Big Budget Horror?

If E3 taught us one thing, it was that the horror genre has changed fundamentally. But have we seen the end of conventional horror?

14 Jun 2012 Corey Milne

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E3 2012: Dead Space 3 Proves Dismemberment Is Better With A Friend

Visceral Games put on an incredible display with the first ever co-op footage of Dead Space 3, and reveals a release window.

7 Jun 2012 Michael Shelton

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E3 2012: Top 15 Trailers From Day One

We bring you the very best videos from the first day of this year's event, including demos and announcement trailers...

5 Jun 2012 Simon Gallagher

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E3 2012: Quick EA Press Conference Recap

EA E3 press conference recap.

4 Jun 2012 Matt Mann

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EA Confirms Dead Space 3

Dead Space 3 officially announced.

1 Jun 2012 Matt Mann

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New Dead Space 3 Leaked Screenshots Confirm Co-op.

Visceral Games release seven new images for the upcoming sci-fi horror sequel.

31 May 2012 Alex Turner

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4 Things We Want From Dead Space 3

What Culture think wistfully about what we'd like to see in the latest iteration of EA's big horror franchise...

29 May 2012 Corey Milne

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Dead Space 3 Unveiling at E3?

EA knows all the right ways to tease us.

9 May 2012 Michael Shelton

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Dead Space 3 Leaked By South African Retailer

We all kind of knew this game was coming already...

18 Apr 2012 Corey Milne

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Video Proof That DEAD SPACE 3 Is In Development

In an unusual way to break a video game news story, a clip on an Israeli news show "The Headlines" had a momentary glimpse of a Dead Space 3 banner and possible concept art.

21 Sep 2011 Matt Mann