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Saints Flow

Saints Row 4: 5 Ways To Makes It Better Than Saints Row 3

By Jack Harper
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8 Reasons Why We're Still Playing Dead Island

There's still plenty of reason to jump back into the tropical island of Banoi for some good…
By Michael Shelton

Risen 2: Dark Waters - ESRB Says Cover Is Too Bloody

Pirate-based sequel comes under fire from the ESRB for bloody box art.
By Corey Milne

Zombies in Video Games: It's Time For An Evolution

Hopefully soon a new horde will swarm us, and maybe, just maybe, we’ll actually fear their…
By Michael Shelton
Risen 2

Risen 2: Dark Waters Release Date Revealed

Deep Silver announce the release dates for the upcoming pirate RPG.
By Simon Gallagher

Xbox360 Review: CATHERINE [EU Release]

We take a look at the not so easy to define game, Catherine, in celebration of it's release in…
By Harriet Jones

CATHERINE: Trailer Round-Up

Atlus and Deep Silver will release the big-selling platform puzzler to the European market on…
By Simon Gallagher

DEAD ISLAND Movie Rights Sold To Lionsgate

Studio says they have come to an agreement with developers to make the Dead Island movie that…
By Matt Mann
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Can Deep Silver's zombie apocalypse shooter cope with the weight of expectation created by…
By Simon Gallagher

Deep Silver's DEAD ISLAND Comic Available Digitally Online

Marvel Custom Solutions created digital comic now available to read for free online...
By Simon Gallagher
Dead Island

DEAD ISLAND Release Trailer Released

Just nine days until the UK release, and Deep Silver have released the official release…
By Simon Gallagher
Dead Island 2

Listen: DEAD ISLAND Soundtrack

Three new tracks from composer Pawel Blaszczak released to the net...
By Simon Gallagher
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The new release from Atlus is expected to hit UK shores some time this year.
By Dom McKenzie
Dead Island

DEAD ISLAND Release Date Announced!

The most highly anticipated zombie first-person shooter set to land on shelves in September...
By Simon Gallagher
Dead Island White

Finally! A Gameplay Trailer For DEAD ISLAND

The zombie apocalypse first person shooter finally gets an impressive gameplay trailer...
By Simon Gallagher
Dead Island

Brand New Trailer For DEAD ISLAND Lands Another Emotional Blow

The second Dead Island trailer isn't as astounding as the original, but it's still a stand-out…
By Simon Gallagher
Dead Island Header

Watch Astonishing DEAD ISLAND Trailer The Right Way Round

Those helpful souls at IGN have recut the trailer so it runs chronologically. And it's still…
By Simon Gallagher
Dead Island

Is DEAD ISLAND's Announcement Trailer The Best Ever?

Deep Silver have a probably iconic game on their hands, as long as it matches the quality of…
By Simon Gallagher