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Devil May Cry Dante

20 Sexiest Video Game Guys Of All Time

And they say it's only the ladies that are worth swooning over.
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Dante New Dmc 600x300

10 Resolutions Gaming's Heroes Need To Keep

Shouldn't Mario finally start keeping a better handle on Princess Peach this year?
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15 Worst Video Game Characters Of 2013

A great year for games. Less so for game characters...
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10 Video Game Sex Scenes That Made You Feel Like A Pervert

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10 Hugely Underrated 2013 Video Games

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10 Ridiculous Arguments Against The Biggest Games Of 2013

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10 Horrific 2013 Gaming Glitches That Will Haunt Your Dreams

Everyone repeat after us... WTF?!
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Devil May Cry Review: The Rebirth Of Dante

By Barry O Halloran

DmC: 5 Reasons Dante’s Rebirth Is A Blessing

It's been more than a decade of Dante's demon slaying antics, and we're about to see him in an…
By Michael Shelton

Devil May Cry: Demo Impressions

By Barry O Halloran

Devil May Cry Preview: Tears Are Shed In Limbo City

Eurogamer 2012: A visual re-design could be the least of Dante's problems.
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Dead Space

10 Games That Would Make Awesome Films

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Devil May Cry Reveals New Character With Release Date

No reason to fear the demons of Limbo quite yet, find out when you need to have Ebony and…
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Devil May Cry Emerges From The Depths of Hell With Ninja Theory

Dante is back, and not only is he just as lethal, but he's younger and searching for answers…
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Devil May Cry HD Collection Coming Next Year

HD Collections must be popular because every developer seems to be remaking and re-releasing…
By Matt Mann
Devil May Cry

DEVIL MAY CRY: HD Collection Trailer

Devil May Cry may be getting a an emo reboot but for those who prefer their demon slaying…
By Ed Moorhouse

DMC: Some Awesome New Stills From The Upcoming Devil May Cry Reboot

Calling all demon hunters. Dante is back and more emo than ever and while Ninja Theory's…
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Space Marine

Xbox 360 VIDEO REVIEW: Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine

Warhammer's latest entry into the video game market succeeds and fails in equal measure. Check…
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