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10 Reasons Why The Original Dungeon Keeper Is Still Devilishly Awesome

Because what other games let you slap around imps and micro-manage a torture chamber?
By Tony Searle
Battlefield 4 Xbox 360 600x300

Battlefield 4 PS3 Review

By Robert Kojder

10 Terrible Moments That Prove EA Is The Devil

By Idris Aylwin

E3 2013: Who Had The Best Press Conference Out Of The Four Showing?

By Patrick Dane

Battlefield Vs. Call of Duty: The Useless War

By Sam Tuchin

Star Wars: The Old Republic: Why Going Free-To Play Broke The Game

By Chris Swanson
dead space

Dead Space 3: EA's Marketing Team Should Be Sacked

All right everyone, time to let out your collective sighs and groans.
By Adam Nystrom

The Digital Gaming Pre-Owned Sales Conundrum

At the same time EA announce an inevitable change to digital based gaming, Court of Justice of…
By Stephen Chapman

EU Court Rules Players Can Re-sell Digital Downloadable Games

Digital downloaded games can be resold according to EU court.
By Matt Mann
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GHY Podcast #2.5 - Remembering E3 2012

This week Game Hates You reflects on an largely underwhelming E3.
By Jim Cross

Watch Dogs: How Ubisoft Avoided Leaks Pre E3

The developer achieved the seemingly impossible by keeping Watch Dogs under wraps - here's…
By Laura Kate

THQ Deny WWE 13 Job Cuts, Reveal Exclusive WWE Rights Until 2017

"We are extremely pleased with our relationship with the WWE, and have an exclusive license…
By Matt Holmes
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EA: We Want Dead Space 3 to Appeal to "Broad Audience"

EA giving Dead Space franchise the BioWare treatment of trying to reach a broader audience.
By Matt Mann
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Activision For Sale?

Could Activision and the Call of Duty franchise be sold?
By Matt Mann

E3 2012: Battlefield 3 Premium Service And DLC Announced

The service will cost $50 dollars in the States for a year's worth of subscription. We can…
By Corey Milne

E3 2012: Quick EA Press Conference Recap

EA E3 press conference recap.
By Matt Mann
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EA Confirms Dead Space 3

Dead Space 3 officially announced.
By Matt Mann

Layoffs Hit at Austin BioWare

Bioware laying off part of Star Wars: The Old Republic staff in Austin.
By Matt Mann
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Battlefield 3 Creating a Premium Program Like Elite

EA developing Battlefield Premium?
By Matt Mann

Is EA About To Be Bought Out?

Is EA willing to be bought out by Nexon?
By Matt Mann
electronic arts

Electronic Arts To Lay-Off More Than 500 Employees

EA has been entrusted with the worst company in America title, and it's on its way to begin…
By Michael Shelton

EA Finally Updates Origin Policy

EA finally addresses Origin Banning Issue.
By Matt Mann

Crysis 3 Announced

Cyrsis 3 Coming 2013.
By Matt Mann

Valve Looking for Platform Hardware Engineer

Valve I guess was being serious when they said they wanted to create a home PC console system…
By Matt Mann

Crysis 3 Outed?

Could EA be announcing Crysis 3 next week?
By Matt Mann

Mass Effect 3 Console Patch Released Later Today

Patch includes long awaited fix for Shepard face importing bug.
By Stephen Leigh

Activision Vs. Infinity Ward Court Date Delayed

Infinity Ward's court case against Activision will commence May 29th.
By Stephen Leigh

Take-Two CEO Says THQ Dead In 6 Months

By Matt Mann

Second DLC Expansion Announced for Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning

Second DLC expansion for Kingdoms of Amalur takes you to a new land called the Teeth of Naros.
By Harriet Jones

Mass Effect 3: Extended Cut Free DLC to Clarify Ending

Bioware are to release free DLC to clarify the somewhat controversial ending.
By Harriet Jones