Ehren Kruger

film transformers 4

Transformers 4 Teaser Poster - "Evil Will Burn"

Dreamworks has unleashed this haunting image of Optimus Prime glaring down at us mere humans along with the year we can expect Michael Bay’s final (?) Transformers film to hit cinemas.

20 Jun 2012 Ramin Shabestari

film DJ-Caruso-is-directing-Preacher

D.J Caruso to Direct Sci-Fi Tale Invertigo

D.J Caruso has signed on to direct Invertigo, a large scale science fiction tale, which is now on the fast tack for production.

29 Mar 2012 Nick Savvides

film 3tt3

Michael Bay Returns To Direct Transformers 4 For June 29th 2014

Bay has also made a deal to direct Transformers 5, but he will make his modest scaled crime thriller Pain & Gain first.

14 Feb 2012 Matt Holmes

film scream022309

Uh Oh... SCREAM 4 having major problems, Kevin Williamson gone & more to follow?

Turns out The Weinsteins are the killers of the new movie.

2 Jul 2010 Matt Holmes