Elton John

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20 Greatest Empowering Break-Up Songs

F*ck heartbreak.
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Elton John's Still Standing For Kingsman 2!

Famous musician added to Matthew Vaughn's intriguing sequel.
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6 Incredible Covers Of Classic Beatles Songs

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10 Stellar Songs About Space

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6 Ridiculous Presents Celebrities Got Their Kids

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12 Most Outrageous Things That Ever Came Out Of Morrissey's Mouth

"Meat is paedophilia" and other greatest hits from Manchester's favourite miserablist.
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Elton John "The Diving Board" Album Review

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Tom Hardy Is Elton John In Rocketman Biopic?

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The Ultimate List Of Celebrity Rants Caught On Tape (Part 2)

Ding! Ding! Round two!
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Elton John Launches ROCKETMAN - "A Biographical Musical Fantasy"

Will produce a unique, 'non-linear and hyper-visual' biopic of his life and work at United Artists, who are now searching for a director and an actor to play the iconic singer/songwriter. …
By Matt Holmes