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27 Embarrassingly Awkward Facebook Exchanges

From social suicide to horrendous break-ups, these Facebook exchanges are sure to make you physically cringe!…
By Tom Butler

10 Reasons MySpace Was The Best Social Network Ever

Isn't it time we returned to the original social network?
By Samuel Clements

5 Things On Facebook That Really Shouldn't Bother You (But Totally Do)

Seriously, take a step back and think about it, and you'll find it's not as bad as you think.
By Philip Clarke

13 Most Annoying People On Facebook

Taking aim at the carnival of idiocy and unneeded opinions that ruins your feed every day.
By Stephen Kennedy

8 Huge Facebook Parties That Got Totally Out Of Control

Don't know how Facebook's privacy settings work? Then please, for god's sake, don't organise anything.…
By Matthew Wood

Congratulations Facebook: You Just Nailed Recommendations

Game over. Zuckerberg just completed the Internet.
By Simon Gallagher

14 Things We Can't Believe Happened 10 Years Ago

Get ready to feel old.
By Rosie Marsh

10 Biggest Reasons Everybody Is Abandoning Facebook

More than 11 million young people have abandoned the world's most popular social network since 2011, here's a list of the biggest reasons why people might be sick of the social network for good.…
By Mavra Choudhry

5 Ways Social Media Tricks You Into Using Social Media

By Bryan Hickman

The 5 Types Of People Completely Ruining Your Facebook Newsfeed

By Crip Cooke