Girl Bonds

10 Women Who Should Be The Next James Bond

Because face it, it would be brilliant.
By Adam Clery
big e

42 WTF Moments From WWE RAW (May 23)

1200 and still going strong...
By Ross Tweddell
Wes Cravens New Nightmare

10 Underappreciated 90s Horror Movies

It was a dry patch for horror, but there were some sunny spells.
By Ben Bussey
kevin owens

10 WWE Stars That Should Never Turn Face

Some stars were destined to be villains.
By Justin Henry
Spider-Man Miles Morales

Spider-Man: 10 Ways Miles Morales Is Eclipsing Peter Parker

He may be the new kid on the block, but Miles has made a heck of a name for himself so far.
By Gareth Cartwright
Aj Styles Roman Reigns Mike Chioda

WWE Extreme Rules 2016: 10 Things You Probably Missed

Thanks for the help Mike!
By Jamie Kennedy
Egene WWE

8 Stupid WWE Gimmicks That Got Over Huge

Eugene, the human man-child, was once the hottest act on Monday Night Raw.
By Lewis Howse
WWE Extreme Rules Seth Rollins

WWE Extreme Rules 2016: 22 Best Internet Reactions To Roman Reigns' Win

At least Rollins is back...
By Jack Pooley
Thor Ragnarok Cate Blanchett

9 Movie Spoilers We Didn’t Know Last Week (May 24th)

Thor: Ragnarok looks classy as Hel.
By Jack Pooley
shane mcmahon mick foley

18 Things We Learned From Shane McMahon's Tell-All WWE Network Podcast

Shane gets deep in the most honest Network podcast yet. This one is a must.
By Brad Hamilton
seth rollins returns

9 Ups And 6 Downs From Last Night's WWE Raw (May 23rd)

Rollins is back and the MITB match starts filling up.
By Scott Carlson
cody rhodes shield

10 Best WWE Matches Of Cody Rhodes

Rhodes already leaves an admirable resume in his young career.
By Justin Henry
Extreme Rules Thumbnail roman reigns

52 WTF Moments From WWE Extreme Rules

By Ross Tweddell
AJ Styles Roman Reigns

10 Live Observations From WWE Extreme Rules 2016

This... Is... EXTREME(ly questionable)!
By Scott Fried
The Terminator T2

10 Awesome Movies With Disappointing Sequels

Please don't come back, Arnie.
By Ian Watson
Cody Rhodes Cage

7 Implications Of Stars Quitting WWE Early

Why are so many wrestlers choosing to leave WWE?
By John Bills
X Men Apocalypse Wolverine

8 Reasons Wolverine Is The Most Disappointing Part Of X-Men: Apocalypse

One thing Logan won't want to remember.
By Alex Leadbeater
Hercules Disney

10 Movies That Don’t Get Enough Love At Walt Disney World

Not all Disney films are treated equally.
By Jen Gallie
Chyna Jeff Jarrett

10 Most Extreme Rules In WWE History

The most over-the-top, overblown or just plain overbooked match gimmicks ever seen.
By Ben Cooke
AJ Styles Roman Reigns

WWE Extreme Rules 2016: Every Match Ranked From Worst To Best

The I.C. Title steals the show.
By Jack Pooley
stone cold steve austin vince mcmahon

10 Biggest Turning Points For WWE In 1997

How WWE was positioned for the Attitude Era ahead.
By Justin Henry
seth rollins extreme rules 2016

10 New Directions For WWE After Seth Rollins' Return

Rollins is back, and the possibilities are endless.
By John Bills
Stephen King Behind The Scenes

20 Mind-Blowing Facts You Never Knew About Stephen King

What scares the man responsible for all your nightmares?
By Tom Baker
Roman Reigns AJ Styles Back Body Drop Extreme Rules 2016

10 Most Insane Spots From WWE Extreme Rules 2016

Chris Jericho probably wishes he wrestled in a shirt.
By Mitch Nickelson
Seth Rollins WWE Title

7 Ups And 6 Downs From WWE Extreme Rules 2016

Fatal Fourway for the IC title, thumbtacks and a returning former world champ, oh my.
By Scott Carlson
Chris Jericho

WWE Extreme Rules 2016: 10 Awesome Moments

The return of Rollins popped the live crowd big time...
By Jamie Kennedy
Simpsons Universal Hollywood

8 Reasons Why The Simpsons At Universal Studios Is Awesome

Springfield is the best!
By Jen Gallie
River Country Disney World

10 Extinct Disney World Attractions You Need To Know About

RIP Maelstrom.
By Jen Gallie
triple h shane mcmahon

10 Booking Steps For WWE Raw (May 23)

Could heat between Triple H and Shane McMahon be a focal point of this week's Raw?
By Jamie Kennedy
Arrow Lost in the Flood

Arrow Season 4: 7 Ups And 3 Downs From 'Lost In The Flood'

Did Anarky just make himself an A-lister?
By Andrew Pollard