Tony Marshall/EMPICS Sport

10 Arsenal Players Who Weren't Worth The Hassle

Sometimes you just gotta say enough is enough.

5 Aug 2014 Michael Ramsay

wwe 2k14

WWE 2K15 Roster: 13 Underrated Wrestlers That Need Upgrading

2K's wrestler ratings need a significant overhaul for these main event stars!

5 Aug 2014 Grahame Herbert


Far Cry 4: 10 Amazing Features We Know Of So Far

10 very persuasive reasons why Ubisoft's next entry in the explosive FPS series will be the best yet!

5 Aug 2014 Tom Butler

Marvel Comics

The Amazing Spider-Man Franchise To Get Female-Led Spin-Off Film

Sony eye 2017 release for female superhero flick. Could it be Spider-Woman?

5 Aug 2014 Tom Baker

Facebook/The Other Faces of Nicolas Cage

13 Films That Really Needed Nicolas Cage

Missed opportunities where another classically barmy Nicolas Cage performance could have been forged.

5 Aug 2014 Jack Pooley

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10 Things You Didn't Know About Randy Orton

Rare facts about "The Viper" you need to know.

5 Aug 2014 Sean Ross Sapp

10 Reasons WWE Fans Are Still Chanting CM Punk’s Name

Is it out of hope or desperation?

5 Aug 2014 Marcus K. Dowling

Tom Cruise Iron Man

20 Fails That Nearly Killed The Marvel Film Universe

Would The Avengers have happened if Tom Cruise was cast as Iron Man?

4 Aug 2014 Jack Pooley

Bungie/Naughty Dog

25 Killer Console Exclusives

Three decades of good times and crazed fanboy wars...

4 Aug 2014 Henry Dowling

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7 Most Hated Characters In The Walking Dead

After four seasons of unremitting brutality, who have you loathed the most?

4 Aug 2014 Ben Cooke

Santa Fe Productions

10 Awesome Slasher Films You've Probably Never Seen

Neglected horror films you must see immediately.

4 Aug 2014 Hannah Spencer


10 Movie And TV Spoilers We Didn’t Know Last Week (August 4th)

Tyrion Lannister might not live to see Game of Thrones Season 6...

4 Aug 2014 Sam Heard


20 Actors Who Were Almost Cast As The Guardians Of The Galaxy

Marvel's hit could have turned out very, very different.

4 Aug 2014 Alex Leadbeater

Se7en Brad Pitt

10 Famous Movie Endings That Had Radical Last Minute Changes

Filmmaking is not an art, it's a crapshoot.

4 Aug 2014 Tom Baker

Screen Shot 2014 08 04 At 15 58 39

10 Totally Underrated WWE Championship Reigns

Mankind's first WWE title reign wasn't just about his unlikely title win!

4 Aug 2014 Chris Quicksilver

Mike Egerton/EMPICS Sport

Fantasy Premier League Tips: 11 Best Cheap Players For 2014-15

The quickest, and cheapest ways to get the best out of your fantasy football team in 2014-15...

4 Aug 2014 Joseph Dempsey

Antonio Calanni/AP/Press Association Images

9 Players Most Likely To Join Arsenal This Summer

Arsene says he will spend more money, here's how the odds-makers see it being spent.

4 Aug 2014 Simon Gallagher


20 Reasons Why Owning A Dog Is Like Having A Toddler

They’re noisy, smelly, needy, naughty and constantly hungry, and dogs are very similar.

4 Aug 2014 Lauren Butler