Warner Bros.

10 Movies Ruined By Fan-Boy Hate

When the film's reputation is ashes, you have my permission to reboot.

29 Aug 2014 Alex Leadbeater

EA Games

20 Most Criminally Underrated Video Games Of All Time

These unappreciated classics deserve far more love than we gave them...

29 Aug 2014 Henry Dowling

Nick Potts/EMPICS Sport

Man Utd Transfers: 10 More Players Louis van Gaal MUST Sign Before Deadline Day

Louis van Gaal isn't finished in the summer transfer window yet.

29 Aug 2014 Joseph Dempsey


20 Missed Texts From The Doctor Who Universe

20 of the Whoniverse's life altering text messages that never got through...

29 Aug 2014 James T. Cornish

google / wwe

20 Most Popular Wrestlers Of 2014 (According To Google Metrics)

Who is the most popular wrestler alive today?

29 Aug 2014 Grahame Herbert

Warner Bros.

Superman Symbolism: What 10 Most Famous Villains Really Mean

What do Superman's key foes represent in relation to the Man of Steel himself?

29 Aug 2014 K.J. Stewart


9 Short Sentences That Ruin Major Video Games

Caution: Might completely destroy childhoods.

29 Aug 2014 Sam Coleman

CM Punk's 10 Worst WWE Matches

When the best in the world just couldn't deliver...

29 Aug 2014 Graham GSM Matthews


10 Things You Don't Know About WWE In 1997

Montreal happens, DX is born and everything in between.

29 Aug 2014 Justin Seagull


10 Things John Cena Haters Should Stop Complaining About

Let's go Cena!

29 Aug 2014 Tom Beasley

DC Comics

15 Most Inappropriate Batman Storylines Of All Time‏

The Joker, Iranian ambassador. Seems legit.

29 Aug 2014 Tom Baker

Rich Pedroncelli/AP/Press Association Images

4 Reasons UFC Champion TJ Dillashaw's Title Reign Won't Go Down As A Fluke

It wasn't predicted to happen but that doesn't mean it was a fluke.

29 Aug 2014 Allen Strk


10 Oddest Rules In Wrestling

Most rules are made to be broken. These rules are ALREADY broken.

29 Aug 2014 Ben Cooke


5 Directors Who Could Make A Great Shazam Movie

Who in Hollywood can "say the word" and bring Shazam to life?

29 Aug 2014 James Garcia


10 Reasons You Need To Respect John Cena

Not the easiest to cheer for, but quite easy to root for.

29 Aug 2014 Aaron Hyden


6 Reasons John Cena Will Retire From WWE Within 5 Years

Due to injuries and an acting career, Cena may be done in WWE soon and here's why.

28 Aug 2014 John Canton

Joe Giddens/EMPICS Sport

Man Utd Transfers: 5 Dream Midfielders Louis van Gaal Could Sign Before Deadline Day

Manchester United have have spent over £100 million this summer, but they still need another central midfielder.

28 Aug 2014 Joseph Dempsey

Sin City: A Dame To Kill For - 15 Easter Eggs & References You Must See

Cameos, in-universe references and The Simpsons? Wait.. what?

28 Aug 2014 Simon Gallagher


8 Beloved Child Actors Who Completely Disappeared From Our Screens

"I see dead careers..."

28 Aug 2014 Mark Allen


The Undertaker's 10 Most Notorious Urban Legends

There are so many interesting stories about WWE's most private character. Let's take a closer look at some of them.

28 Aug 2014 John Canton