Final Fantasy XIII

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10 Video Games That Were Great At First (But We Quickly Lost Interest)

The games that were awesome for a day or two, but then starting collecting dust on your shelf.

7 Feb 2014 Sam Coleman

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10 Mega-Hyped 2014 Video Games That Will Definitely Disappoint

There’s a fine line to walk between unabashed hype, pre-release praise and looking at things objectively and rationally.

10 Jan 2014 Robert Kojder

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Square Enix Drops Hints of Final Fantasy XIII-3

Could Square Enix be working on Final Fantasy XIII-3?

5 Jul 2012 Matt Mann

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Final Fantasy XV May Be Outsourced To Other Developers

Square Enix blames Final Fantasy XIII problems on the 200 employees working on the game.

1 Jul 2012 Andrew Esposito

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FINAL FANTASY: A History - Part 2

The second part of our epic feature focusing on the history of the sprawling Final Fantasy series of games.

24 Mar 2012 Brad Fear

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The Legend Of Zelda: Skyward Sword Review [Wii]

Find out what those creepy adverts with Robin Williams were all about in our full review of Skyward Sword.

25 Jan 2012 Ed Moorhouse

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FINAL FANTASY XIII-2 North American Release Window Announced

The latest addition to the sprawling franchise confirmed for January 2012...

19 Jul 2011 Matt Mann