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8 Alternate TV Endings Much Better Than What We Got

When happily ever after ends up in the DVD extras.
By Mark Langshaw

10 Greatest Character Introductions In Sitcom History

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11 Things You Totally Missed In Friends

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12 Friends Actors Who Are No Longer With Us

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10 Things That Date Friends Terribly

The One Where You Can't Believe How Old It Is
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9 Most Outrageous Friends Fan Theories

They don't know that we know they know.
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10 TV Couples That Should've Ended Up Together (But Didn't)

It's okay if you're still angry about it...
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10 Best TV Sitcom Pilot Episodes

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10 Best Thanksgiving TV Episodes

It's not just Friends that do great turkey day episodes.
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21 Problems Only Friends Fans Will Understand

Job? A joke. Money? You're broke. Love-life? D.O.A.
By James Hunt