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Indiana Jones 5 Coming July 19, 2019!

Harrison Ford and Steven Spielberg aren't ready to put Indy in a museum yet.
By Alex Leadbeater
George Lucas

8 People More Important Than George Lucas In Making Star Wars Great

He wasn't even the most important person called Lucas.
By Alex Leadbeater
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George Lucas Has Seen Star Wars: The Force Awakens - "Fans Are Going To Love It"

And he wants to give you a back-handed compliment about it.
By Dan Woburn
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You Hurt George Lucas' Feelings And That's Why He's Not Doing Star Wars Anymore

Today is "Feel Bad For Filmmakers Who F*cked Up" Day.
By Dan Woburn
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10 Movies That Blatantly Troll The Audience

Didn't like the Special Edition? Wait until you see the Blu-Ray!
By Chris McKittrick
FILE - In this Jan. 20, 2012 file photo, Peter Jackson is interviewed at the 2012 Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah. Jackson's movie trilogy

10 Directors Suffering From George Lucas Syndrome

Once-great filmmakers who can no longer direct their way out of a paper bag...
By Jack Pooley
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10 Sad Facts About Star Wars You Just Need To Accept

By Stuart W. Bedford
Star Wars Digital Movie Collection

Star Wars Films Headed To Download This Week, But Still No Original Edits

What has George Lucas changed this time?
By Brendon Connelly
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Chris Pratt Is Indiana Jones?

From Star Lord to Raider of the Lost Ark?
By Josh Wilding
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Star Wars: The Force Awakens - 10 Fears Alleviated By The Teaser Trailer

Fear is the path to the dark side, after all.
By Sam Hill
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10 Early Signs George Lucas Was Insane

Back when midichlorians were but a dream...
By Tom Baker
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11 Worst Ideas George Lucas Ever Put On Film

"No George, that's a terrible idea," said no-one ever. Unfortunately.
By John Samuel Brown
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25 Things You Probably Didn't Know About Indiana Jones

Happy birthday Indiana Jones & The Last Crusade.
By Simon Gallagher
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20 Idiotic Decisions Made By Star Wars Characters

An epic saga. Not quite so epic decisions.
By Dan Curtis
Star Wars

14 Star Wars Moments George Lucas Wanted You To Forget

These aren't quite the films you were looking for...
By Simon Gallagher

Why You Won't Recognise Anyone In Star Wars 7

No, George Lucas hasn't convinced them to replace everyone with CGI.
By WhatCulture
Galactic Empire

Star Wars: 10 Reasons The Galactic Empire Wasn't As Bad As Everyone Thinks

That awkward moment when Luke finds out he had it all wrong.
By Nathan P. Gibson
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10 Indiana Jones Movies You Won't Believe Almost Happened

Indy fighting ghostly Barons in Scotland? Riding a rhinoceros into Nazi tanks? Teaming up with…
By WhatCulture
Jango Fett

10 Star Wars Characters Who Only Had One Movie To Shine

They had one movie to leave their mark on the world's favourite space saga... so how did they…
By Adam Holmes
Star Wars

20 Lesser Known Facts Surrounding The Making Of Star Wars

May the facts be with you. Always.
By Kiri Rix

5 Reasons Why Star Wars: The Phantom Menace Is A Genuinely Brilliant Film

Come on, give it one more chance. Last time, we promise.
By Jon Lovatt
The-Matrix (1)

10 Accidental Masterpieces From Otherwise Bad Directors

These guys were geniuses for a while. Then they made another film.
By Alejandro Castro
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Liverpool Transfer News: Reds Want Nigel de Jong As Lucas Replacement?

By Joseph Dempsey

5 Reasons Disney's Star Wars Story Group Is A Good Thing (And 4 Reasons It's Not)

Wiping out great stories in the interest of continuity in canon might not be the best idea in…
By Josh Parylak

8 Star Wars Prequel Moments George Lucas Planned Way Back In 1977

Love them or hate them, you can't argue George Lucas didn't come prepared for the prequels.
By Alex Leadbeater
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Star Wars Episode VII: 7 Things We Learned In 2013

Here's a recap of what we learned about our favourite galaxy far, far away over the course of…
By Brent DiNunzio
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7 Star Wars Characters Who Might Get A Spin-Off Movie

We take a look at the most likely candidates for the upcoming Star Wars spin-off flicks.
By Brent DiNunzio
Star Wars 7 Expanded

Star Wars 7: 8 Expanded Universe Villains We Could See For Episode VII

Could Luke and friends find themselves facing off against any of this ghastly lot in Episode…
By Brent DiNunzio
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8 Movie Directors With Seriously Hardcore Fanbases

By Chris Combs
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Star Wars Long Lost Blooper Reel Found - Watch It Here

By Darragh O'Connor