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8 Directors Who Should Make Ghostbusters 3

Who ya gonna call?
By Mark Allen

Jonah Hill & Emma Stone To Cross The Streams In Ghostbusters 3?

By Matt Holmes

Ghostbusters 3: 10 Reasons It's A Terrible Idea

By Sean Michael Hackett

Ghostbusters 3: 9 Actors To Replace Bill Murray

By Colleen Cunha

Bill Murray Finally Signs On For Ghostbusters 3

By Stuart W. Bedford

Ghostbusters 3: 10 Suggestions to Make It Not Suck

By Stuart W. Bedford

It's Official - Bill Murray Will Not Appear In Ghostbusters 3

Peter Venkman will not appear... not even as a ghost.
By Matt Aspin

Ernie Hudson's Not At Comic Con-Comic Con

Not everyone can attend San Diego Comic Con...
By Adam Borders

Etan Cohen To Rewrite Ghostbusters 3

But can he convince Bill Murray to wear the proton pack once again?
By Matt Holmes

Bill Murray Turned Down Ghostbusters 3 Because of the Script

Bill Murray tells David Letterman why he wasn't keen on strapping on the proton pack for a third Ghostbusters film... yet...…
By Owain Paciuszko