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10 Lessons The Gaming Industry Must Learn From #GamerGate

The ride never ends on the #GamerGate front. But can the industry learn from this?

10 Sep 2014 Jordan Ephraim

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10 Disgusting Video Game Moments No One Felt Bad About

Sometimes we're bad without even realising it...

7 Aug 2014 Alex Sutton

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12 Essential Titles Every New Gamer Must Play

Which games would compile your list of essential titles for newcomers to enjoy?

8 Apr 2014 Scott Tailford

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10 Actors You Won't Believe Starred In Video Games

Hollywood occasionally slips into videogames under the radar, and it's fun when you find out.

9 Jan 2014 Robert Kojder

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Sony Teasing God of War 4?

Will God of War 4 be unveiled next week?

12 Apr 2012 Matt Mann

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GOD OF WAR IV In Development?

Earlier last year the magazine PSM3 claimed the game would be released sometime in mid 2012 with a co-op gaming component.

3 Jan 2012 Matt Mann

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New GOD OF WAR Game?

A job listing was found today that may indicate a new God of War game is on the way, or at least being developed.

31 Oct 2011 Matt Mann