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GTA V: 15 Awesome Things You Must Try In First-Person

What fresh controversy is this?
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GTA V: Remastered - 15 Brand New Features You Need To Know About

Rockstar's HD upgrade feels like an entirely new entry in the series.
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12 Creepiest Video Game Easter Eggs

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13 Video Game DLCs Everyone Would Pay For

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GTA V Remastered: 11 Things You Probably Didn't Know

From new missions, exclusive first-person motion-controlled modes and cats - Rockstar's next-gen debut is going to be their best.…
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GTA V: 10 Things FPS Mode Must Have

Everything we want from Rockstar's first foray into first-person gameplay.
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GTA V New-Gen Release Date And 16 Hyper-Detailed Screenshots

San Andreas will be hotter than ever this Fall.
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GTA VI: 10 Lessons It Must Learn From The Competition

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10 Most Annoying GTA Characters Ever

In a world inhabited by psychopathic lunatics, who are the ones we just cannot stand?
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10 Horrifically Illegal Things You Can Do In Rockstar's Games

Come on, what fun would these games be if we didn't see what we could get away with?
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