Harry Potter

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9 Game Of Thrones Actors Who Were Also In Harry Potter

Aberforth Dumbledore, king beyond the wall.

24 Aug 2015 James Hunt

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Harry Potter: 16 Most Devastating Deaths Ranked From Worst To Best

"To the well organised mind, death is but the next great adventure."

24 Aug 2015 Sara Weir

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10 Inventions That Will Make Harry Potter A Reality

Magic is real. It is.

14 Aug 2015 Stevie Shephard


31 Most Iconic Lines From Harry Potter

"You're a wizard, Harry!"

2 Aug 2015 Sara Weir

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15 Magical Hidden Easter Eggs In Harry Potter World

"I solemnly swear that I am up to no good."

23 Jul 2015 Sara Weir

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8 Harry Potter Characters JK Rowling Really Didn't Have To Kill

When Wizards go to war, you better get out of the way.

18 Jul 2015 Phil Archbold

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The Gryffindors In Harry Potter's Year, Ranked From Useless To Awesome

There's a fine, fine line between being brave and being stupid.

11 Jul 2015 Kevin Wong

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7 Amazing Fancations Perfect For This Summer

From Westeros to The Shire, where's your next adventure?

28 Jun 2015 Ginny Alexander

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Harry Potter And The Cursed Child: 7 Most Compelling Theories

Just don't call it a prequel...

28 Jun 2015 Simon Gallagher

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10 Problems With Harry Potter Movies That Nobody Wants To Admit

Misuse of time travel, Emma Watson's ever-increasing hotness, and the awfulness that is Quidditch.

1 Jun 2015 Sam Hill

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Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them - The Female Lead Shortlist

Who's going to get to act alongside Eddie Redmayne?

29 May 2015 Alex Leadbeater

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10 Harry Potter Characters Who Totally Messed Up

Because everyone makes mistakes, even when there's magic involved

23 May 2015 Rachel Bailey

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10 Times Doctor Who Has Ripped Off Other Franchises

A long time ago in a TARDIS far, far away...

7 May 2015 Terry Warner

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10 Niggling Harry Potter Questions JK Rowling Must Answer

What were all the witches and wizards Down Under doing while Voldey was on his siege of terror?

2 May 2015 Rachel Bailey

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15 Best Harry Potter Chat Up Lines That You Need To Try

"Are you in Professor Flitwick's class? Because you could charm the pants off of me."

29 Apr 2015 Sara Weir


20 Funniest Lines In Harry Potter

This class is ridiculous.

24 Apr 2015 Sara Weir


20 Things Only Harry Potter Fans Will Understand

On a scale of 0 to Voldemortal, how drunk were you this weekend?

11 Apr 2015 Sara Weir

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10 Fan Made Doctor Who Crossovers You Have To See

When franchises collide.

20 Mar 2015 Dan Butler