Heavy Rain

Heavy Rain2

10 Video Game Endings With Disturbing Implications You Totally Missed

So much for your happy endings.
By Simon Gallagher
~Heavy Rain 1

20 Best Video Game Boss Battles Of The Decade (So Far)

Five whole years of reloading your save.
By Adam Clery
Heavy Rain

20 Most Powerful Gaming Moments Of All Time

Those moments that stay with you long after you put down the controller and return to everyday…
By Sam Heard
Heavy Rian

20 Best PlayStation 3 Games

PS4, you've got quite a legacy to live up to!
By Tom Butler
Heavy Rain Jason Ethan

10 Serious Gaming Moments That Were Unintentionally Hilarious

By Sam Coleman
X To Jason Heavy Rain

8 Most Incredibly Terrible Attempts At Voice Acting In Video Games

JASON! JASON! And so on.
By Ashley Bailey
Heavy Rain

10 Most Harrowing Decisions We Made To Progress In Video Games

Damn these games for messing with our morals.
By Scott Tailford
Uncharted 2 Train

10 Video Game Film Adaptations In Production Right Now

Traditionally speaking, video game to movie adaptations totally suck. Fingers crossed one of…
By Cara Brander
Duke Nukem

15 Worst Gaming Heroes Of The Last Generation

These characters are flat, one-dimensional, boring, annoying, pathetic or make us want them to…
By Dan Curtis
Gta V Social Life

10 Video Games That Ruined Your Social Life

By Ivan Davison
L A Noire

10 Video Games That Are Perfect For Movie Lovers

By Joshua horner

5 Reasons Heavy Rain Is Actually Just Utter Rubbish

By Christopher McGeorge
Half-Life 2- Freeman Cover

5 MORE Video Game Characters Who Really Deserve A Holiday

By Christopher McGeorge

10 Ridiculous Story Decisions That Ruined Great Video Games

By Shaun Munro
Skyrim - Basket Head Cover

10 Hilarious Glitches That Made Good Games Amazing

By Edward Owen

5 Reasons Why More Games Should Utilise Heavy Rain Mechanics

By Joseph Dempsey

Beyond: Two Souls - Why My Disappointment in Heavy Rain Has Me Concerned

Can Quantic Dream deliver the way they did with Fahrenheit (Indigo Prophecy).
By Jack Owen Gyll

E3 2012: Beyond: Two Souls - Why You Should Be Excited

Beyond: Two Souls looks to continue the Heavy Rain feel of a mature, narrative driven title...
By Curtis Evans

E3 Rumour: Heavy Rain Developer Set to Reveal New Game?

Heavy Rain developer set to announce new project at E3?
By Matt Mann

Heavy Rain Developer Debut Short Film

Unfortunately this tech demo is not the basis for their next game but it is stunning and shows…
By Matt Mann
Asura's Wrath

Asura's Wrath Review [Xbox 360]

Capcom's latest might not spawn a franchise or even a sequel but it offers something new to…
By Ed Moorhouse

Asura's Wrath UK Release Pushed Back Two Weeks

Capcom pushed back the Feb 24th release to March 9th, citing "the uncertainty of the UK retail…
By Matt Mann

Game Hates You Podcast #1 - Modern Warfare 3, Gears of War 3 & More

Topics range from Germaine Greer in Gears of War 3, the infinitely talented(/less) Nolan…
By Jim Cross
heavy rain 3d

HEAVY RAIN: Director's Cut Coming November 8th

Another excuse to play this awesome video game again!
By Matt Holmes

Gamescom 2011 - Jurassic Park: The Game

A look at the upcoming adventure from Telltale Games based on Spielberg's classic Dino romp.
By Stephen Leigh

How Sega's Dreamcast Continues To Be Influential

12 years ago Sega launched their final console, the influential yet short-lived Dreamcast. We…
By Stephen Leigh

Is There Really a Lack of Originality in Video Games?

In a year laden with sequels, WhatCulture looks for an answer to the eternal question of…
By Matt Mann