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Game Of Thrones: Casting House Forrester From The Telltale Series

If the video game's first family made their way to the TV show, here's who would play them.
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The Simpsons: 10 Hidden Jokes Everybody Missed

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Don't Expect Wolverine To Be Recast Anytime Soon

The focus is on other X-characters for now.
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Deadpool 2 Writers Want A Different Kind Of Wolverine Cameo

Three cheers for meta-cameos...
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10 Reasons Logan Is The Best X-Men Movie

The X-Men movie fans deserve.
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5 Ways To Improve The X-Men Timeline

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Logan: 7 Ways It Sets Up A Sequel

This may be Hugh Jackman's final outing, but there's no way Fox are letting go of Wolverine. …
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Hugh Jackman Would Keep Playing Wolverine, If X-Men Were A Part Of The MCU

Someone tell Kevin Feige to get on the phone to Fox pronto!
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No, Logan Does NOT Have A Post-Credits Scene

There'll be nothing after the movie, but there might be something before it.
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Logan Reviews: 11 Early Critical Reactions

Logan goes for gold.
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