Hunter S. Thompson

10 Ways Hunter S Thompson Was Too Weird To Live, Too Rare To Die

A handful of examples that show how Hunter S Thompson was an absolute legend of a man.
By Tom Simpkins

Interview: Bruce Robinson On Coming Out Of Retirement For THE RUM DIARY

"I had no aspirations to be a film director ever again in my life. I made a promise to myself as a matter of fact that I'd never do it again and kept the promise 17 years."…
By Michael Edwards

THE RUM DIARY Review - Not To Everyone's Taste

The Rum Diary is an average piece of entertainment that contains some top-notch acting, witty dialogue and glossy Hollywood glamour.…
By Michael Edwards

Watch THE RUM DIARY Trailer - Johnny Depp As Hunter S. Thompson Again!

The knives have well and truly been out for this for the past year or so with most believing that FilmDistrict were embarrassed by the motion picture and the trailer does project what could be the worst aspects of the film. …
By Matt Holmes

THE RUM DIARY – “Missing in Action”

By D.J. Haza

Johnny Depp wins Best Actor Oscar in 2011

By Matt Holmes

The DVD Lowdown #2

By Simon Gallagher

Which of Dillinger's men will join Johnny Depp in THE RUM DIARY?

By Matt Holmes