Image Comics

10 Comics Every Music Lover Should Read

Something for the degenerate, dead by 27 rock star in all of us...
By Sam Driver

Mara #3 Review - Brian Wood and Ming Doyle

By Noel Thorne

Chew #31 Review - John Layman and Rob Guillory

By Noel Thorne

Punk Rock Jesus – Simply Put, A Modern Classic

Jesus Christ has been cloned and forms a punk band. Kick ass!
By Marcus Doidge

Comic Review: The Walking Dead #100

The Walking Dead hits another landmark and its provides another one of those "Holy Sh*t!!" moments.…
By Marcus Doidge

Comic Review: Danger Club 2

I've been waiting all month for this second issue and it doesn't disappoint.
By Marcus Doidge

Comic Review: Danger Club #1

Image Comics new teen superhero title lands an explosive first issue.
By Marcus Doidge

Graphic Novel Review: TURF by Jonathan Ross & Tommy Lee Edwards

It might be most famous in the UK for being by TV star Jonathan Ross, but the genre-marrying comic deserves to be considered for its own merits. And despite a few fledgling hiccups, it's a grand collection.…
By Simon Gallagher

Comic Book Reviews: THE RED WING # 2 (of 4) by Jonathan Hickman

So far the book has been more than mind-boggling, featuring inventive twists and turns that leave you desperate to know where the zany plot is going next. …
By Dean Threadgold

Comic Book Reviews: SEVERED # 1 (of 7)

It's fitting that this book is released in the same week as Super 8- a film that prioritised character and heart over spectacle, and did so by revisiting the style of the classic Spielberg blockbusters- as Severed attempts to revitalise the horror genre in a similar fashion.…
By Dean Threadgold