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10 Comics Every Music Lover Should Read

Something for the degenerate, dead by 27 rock star in all of us...

28 Mar 2015 Sam Driver

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Punk Rock Jesus – Simply Put, A Modern Classic

Jesus Christ has been cloned and forms a punk band. Kick ass!

3 Jan 2013 Marcus Doidge

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Comic Review: The Walking Dead #100

The Walking Dead hits another landmark and its provides another one of those "Holy Sh*t!!" moments.

12 Jul 2012 Marcus Doidge

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Comic Review: Danger Club 2

I've been waiting all month for this second issue and it doesn't disappoint.

16 May 2012 Marcus Doidge

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Comic Review: Danger Club #1

Image Comics new teen superhero title lands an explosive first issue.

6 Apr 2012 Marcus Doidge

Graphic Novel Review: TURF by Jonathan Ross & Tommy Lee Edwards

It might be most famous in the UK for being by TV star Jonathan Ross, but the genre-marrying comic deserves to be considered for its own merits. And despite a few fledgling hiccups, it's a grand collection.

1 Oct 2011 Simon Gallagher

Comic Book Reviews: THE RED WING # 2 (of 4) by Jonathan Hickman

So far the book has been more than mind-boggling, featuring inventive twists and turns that leave you desperate to know where the zany plot is going next.

16 Aug 2011 Dean Threadgold

Comic Book Reviews: SEVERED # 1 (of 7)

It's fitting that this book is released in the same week as Super 8- a film that prioritised character and heart over spectacle, and did so by revisiting the style of the classic Spielberg blockbusters- as Severed attempts to revitalise the horror genre in a similar fashion.

11 Aug 2011 Dean Threadgold

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What Is MADEFIRE Digital Comics?

What the hell is Madefire? David Hawkins requests every WhatCulture! reader to help him solve this mystery! We want to hear what you have to say!

20 Jul 2011 David Hawkins

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5 Image Comics That Should Be The Next WALKING DEAD

After the huge success of AMC’s TV version of Robert Kirkman’s zombie series, What Culture's David Hawkins gives us five more Image Comics that could make great television!

5 Jul 2011 David Hawkins