iOS Gaming

Super Hexagon

Super Hexagon Review [iOS]

A peerless example of portable twitch-gaming that'll have you glued to the screen during any spare moments you can find. Hypnotically brilliant.

17 Sep 2012Joseph Blythe

Lost Souls

Lost Souls: Enchanted Paintings Review [iOS]

It may be too simple for some people and possibly won't provide enough of a challenge to feel satisfaction upon completion, but it is still a good game and even just the look of it makes it wonderful to play.

26 Jun 2012Jeana Cunningham


Cubemen Review [iOS]

Despite the appeal of the great jazzy soundtrack Cubemen offers little else over what is already on the market for free

26 Jun 2012Luke Stevenson

Temple Run Brave

Temple Run: Brave Review [iOS]

As with the original Temple Run, Brave is very addictive and you'll just keep wanting to play over and over

16 Jun 2012Jeana Cunningham

Letters from Nowhere 2

Letters From Nowhere 2 Review [iOS]

There isn’t anything that jumps out at you as overly brilliant but this sequel is a well put together game that will give you hours of fun.

6 Jun 2012Jeana Cunningham

Crazy Escape Header

Crazy Escape Review (iOS)

A path drawing game with enormous charm, Crazy Escape is available to download now for all iOS devices.

13 Nov 2011Simon Gallagher