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Justice League Villain Is Not Who You Think

From the ridiculous to the... more ridiculous...
By Simon Gallagher
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8 Biggest Casting Mistakes In Upcoming Movies

"Get me pictures of Batman!" just doesn't sound right.
By Alex Leadbeater
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9 Possible Characters Willem Dafoe Will Play In Justice League

Green Goblin becomes Martian Manhunter?
By Jacob Trowbridge
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Batman V Superman: 10 Reasons We're Worried For Justice League

It's time for a change.
By Jack Pooley
Batman V Superman No Bats

10 Bold Predictions For Future DC Movies

They seem eager to surprise us, after all.
By Ben Bussey
Zack Snyder Jason Momoa Justice League: Part One behind the scenes Twitter

Justice League Is A Go: Zack Snyder Shares A Look Behind-The-Scenes

That's definitely the Flash's costume in the background there, too.
By Dan Woburn
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9 Harsh Truths DC Need To Face About Their Upcoming Movies

Marvel's superheroes are a hell of a lot more charismatic, for one thing.
By Sam Hill
Justice League Cancelled

6 Troubling Batman V Superman Behind The Scenes Rumours You Need To Know

Surely it's not going to be Green Lantern all over again, is it?
By Josh Wilding
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10 Villains That Should Be In Justice League (And Who Should Play Them)

It'll probably be Darkseid. But hopefully they look further afield.
By Dan Woburn
The Flash

Justice League Movie - 6 Pieces Of Incredible DC Concept Art You Have To See

Warner Bros. has finally unleashed the Justice League, and the results are amazing.
By Josh Wilding
Secret Society

15 Greatest Justice League Villains Of All Time

The Justice League has some of the best villains in comics, but which of them is the greatest?
By Josh Wilding
Patrick Stewart Brainiac

10 Unused Villains For DC Movies (And Who Should Play Them)

DC's space gods to psychos that really deserve movie deals...
By Rob Leane
Green Arrow

7 Perfect Casting Choices For The Justice League Movie

DC and Warner's Justice League is still recruiting, so who could join Affleck, Cavill, Momoa…
By Mark Grainger
Batman Lego Justice League

LEGO Justice League: Attack Of The Legion of Doom Review

There's another DC Cinematic Universe out there.
By Alex Leadbeater
Justice League

8 Stories To Read Before The Beginning Of DC’s Cinematic Universe

And no... they're not all about Batman.
By Bryant Lucas
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10 Things You Need To Know About George Miller's Justice League

Maybe Zack Snyder's the right man for the job after all...
By Tom Baker
Gigli Ben Affleck

15 Awful Films Justice League Actors Want You To Forget

Everyone has to start somewhere, but did it really need to be...there!?
By Jack Pooley
Justice League Of America

50 Greatest Justice League Members Of All-Time

Who's the real icon of the Justice League: Batman or Superman?
By Josh Wilding
Justice League Cancelled

10 Things You Need To Know About The Cancelled Justice League Video Game

Information about the 2010 project that wasn't to be.
By K.J. Stewart
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10 Things You Need To Know About The New DC Characters

Capes needed beyond this point.
By Sean Lunt
Superman Doomsday

10 Villains The New Justice League Need To Fight

What is a hero without a great villain?
By Samuel Clements
Aquaman Batman

Justice League Movie: 10 Villains Zack Snyder Could Use Instead Of Darkseid

Darkseid's not the only one in the DC Universe powerful enough to destroy the Justice League.
By James Garcia
Green Lantern

13 Broken Comic Book Movie Franchises (And How To Fix Them)

How do you solve a problem like Green Lantern?
By Chris OMalley
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10 Reasons We've Already Given Up On The DC Cinematic Universe

Is it really worth all the effort?
By Brogan Morris

Justice League Movie: 10 Alternate Heroes We'd Love To See

The Justice League could be so much more than just Batman and Superman.
By James Garcia

Justice League: 10 Potential Enemies For The Film

If they're forcing Superman to seek help, the villain's got to be formidable.
By Richard Church
Green Lantern Rayner Fridge

10 Things That Will Never Happen In The DC Cinematic Universe

Like Green Lantern finding his girlfriend dead in a fridge...
By Matt Hannigan
Justice League Movie

10 Major Issues Surrounding The Justice League Movie

Is DC's answer to The Avengers doomed to fail?
By Scott Campbell

Justice League Movie: 10 Big Questions We Have

With Zack Snyder confirmed to direct the follow-up to Batman Vs. Superman, we have some…
By James Garcia

Who Really Should Have Directed Justice League?

Is Zack Snyder really the right man for the job?
By WhatCulture