Xbox One: 5 Predictions For The Launch

By Alejandro Montanaro

10 Reasons Nobody Cares About The Kinect

By Brandon Jacobs

Haunt Available For Free to US Kinect Owners

Whether you're using your Kinect or not, at least it's a free game. Dust off that sensor and get to downloading!…
By Michael Shelton

Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor Review [Xbox 360 and Kinect]

The game had a lot of potential, but poor Kinect controls made it painful to play. More accurate motion controls would drastically raise the games score.…
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GHY Podcast #2.5 - Remembering E3 2012

This week Game Hates You reflects on an largely underwhelming E3.
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The Video Game Sequel Cycle

We discuss the reasons for tiring sequels and how the ongoing cycle can be broken. Or has it been already? …
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Win: A Kinect Star Wars XBox 360 Bundle

Thanks to Microsoft and Kinect we have an R2D2 themed XBox 360 to give away to one lucky reader.…
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Ubisoft Announces Marvel Avengers: Battle for Earth

Ubisoft developing Marvel Avengers: Battle for Earth for Wii U and Kinect.
By Matt Mann

MICROSOFT Officially Announces $99 (US) Xbox 360

Microsoft now offering $99 (US) Xbox 360 bundles for $15 a month.
By Matt Mann

E3 2012: 6 Reveals That Would Genuinely Surprise Us

We look to quash the expected with the unexpected this year with E3 2012's genuine surprise list.…
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