LA Noire


10 Horror Game Cross-Overs We Want To See

We all love a good horror game, there is no denying that and we all have our favourite game characters. So why not mix them together a bit and see what results we come up with, in the spirit of experimentation?

2 Jul 2012 Stephen Chapman

Tomb Raider 2013

Writing and The Future of the Gaming Industry

A look at the state of writing in modern video games in light of revelations about the plot of the new Tomb Raider prequel and our own concerns about Grand Theft Auto V.

13 Jun 2012 Owain Paciuszko


Top 5 Video Games of 2011

Our video game reporter Matt Mann chronicles his top five gaming titles of the past 12 months...

1 Jan 2012 Matt Mann


SKYRIM Most Played Game of the Year

While Modern Warfare 3 had more cumulative hours, Skyrim had a better "average session length and average play time per person".

8 Dec 2011 Matt Mann


Pre-Order LA NOIRE Complete Edition Now

Rockstar Games has announced that LA Noire will be getting a complete edition that will include all the DLC that has been released thus far.

20 Oct 2011 Matt Mann


How Sega's Dreamcast Continues To Be Influential

12 years ago Sega launched their final console, the influential yet short-lived Dreamcast. We take a look at how the presence of the Dreamcast can still be felt in the gaming industry today.

16 Aug 2011 Stephen Leigh