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10 Games We Secretly Wish Had Multiplayer

Two's company, and one is just plain sad.

18 Jun 2014 Tom Butler

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7 Video Game Plot Twists That Were Disappointing

Cheap narrative tricks don't always work...

18 Jan 2014 Red Stewart

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10 Horror Game Cross-Overs We Want To See

We all love a good horror game, there is no denying that and we all have our favourite game characters. So why not mix them together a bit and see what results we come up with, in the spirit of experimentation?

2 Jul 2012 Stephen Chapman

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Writing and The Future of the Gaming Industry

A look at the state of writing in modern video games in light of revelations about the plot of the new Tomb Raider prequel and our own concerns about Grand Theft Auto V.

13 Jun 2012 Owain Paciuszko

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OnLive Receives L.A. Noire: Touch Edition

Coming to you via the OnLive cloud streaming service for PC's, Macs TV, and mobile tablets.

21 Mar 2012 Michael Shelton

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BAFTA 2012 Video Game Winners Announced

Portal 2 and Batman: Arkham City are the big winners this year.

19 Mar 2012 Matt Mann

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GTA V Getting Some Help From MAFIA II

Mafia II developer 2K Czech is helping in the development of Rockstar's mega franchise Grand Theft Auto V.

6 Mar 2012 Matt Mann

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Rockstar Considering L.A. Noire 2

"We don’t always rush to make sequels, but that does not mean we won’t get to them eventually".

13 Feb 2012 Matt Mann

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Top 5 Video Games of 2011

Our video game reporter Matt Mann chronicles his top five gaming titles of the past 12 months...

1 Jan 2012 Matt Mann

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SKYRIM Most Played Game of the Year

While Modern Warfare 3 had more cumulative hours, Skyrim had a better "average session length and average play time per person".

8 Dec 2011 Matt Mann

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Pre-Order LA NOIRE Complete Edition Now

Rockstar Games has announced that LA Noire will be getting a complete edition that will include all the DLC that has been released thus far.

20 Oct 2011 Matt Mann

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LA NOIRE PC Release Date Announced

LA Noire will finally be coming to the PC this year on November 8th according to Rockstar.

28 Sep 2011 Matt Mann

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20 Top Video Game Sidekicks Of All Time

Woe it is to be a sidekick. Never quite in the spot-light, cruelly over-looked... until now that is.

23 Sep 2011 Brad Fear

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How Sega's Dreamcast Continues To Be Influential

12 years ago Sega launched their final console, the influential yet short-lived Dreamcast. We take a look at how the presence of the Dreamcast can still be felt in the gaming industry today.

16 Aug 2011 Stephen Leigh

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Rumours Circulate That L.A. NOIRE Creators Team Bondi Could Disappear

Team Bondi head Brendan McNamara said to be in talks with George Miller's KMM studio, creators of Mad Max and Happy Feet video games, for a kind of merger/absorption deal.

5 Aug 2011 Matt Mann

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Is There Really a Lack of Originality in Video Games?

In a year laden with sequels, WhatCulture looks for an answer to the eternal question of originality in gaming releases...

25 Jul 2011 Matt Mann

LA Noire: The 10 Best Actor Cameos

26 May 2011 Robert Beames