Lara Croft

gaming Jill Valentine

10 Badass Gaming Heroines That Could Have The Men For Breakfast

2013 was without doubt the year of the female protagonist.

25 Feb 2014 Terry Hearn

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Biggest Games Of 2013: Tomb Raider

26 Jan 2013 Barry O Halloran

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"Girlfriend Mode" Is A Bigger Problem Than You Think

The entertainment industry loves a good scandal...

20 Aug 2012 Edward Smith

gaming lara croft reborn

Scraping Lara Croft Off The "Boot" Of Her Gaming Reboot

Crystal Dynamics may want us to empathise with their re-imagined titular character but this should not necessitate gratuitously stripping her of the agency and drive that define her as a hero.

21 Jul 2012 Colin Dray

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New LARA CROFT Movie Is A Reboot... Yes, We Know This Already

We've only known this information for six months but it's making the rounds again today.

21 Nov 2011 Matt Holmes

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The History of Video Games as Movies

A brief look at some of the video games, that have made the transition to grace the silver screen.

15 Aug 2011 Dom McKenzie