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10 Actors Who Originally Turned Down Their Most Iconic Roles

Arnold Schwarzenegger didn't wanna play no Terminator.
By Sam Hill
Inception, Di Caprio

12 Movies That Tricked You Into Thinking They Had Happy Endings

The cinema's a very downbeat place.
By Alex Leadbeater
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9 “Shocking” Movie Twists Fans Figured Out Before Seeing The Movie

Blofeld is the head of Spectre? You don't say.
By Padraig Cotter
Shutter Island

10 Massive Movie Twists That Were Secretly Obvious

We really should have noticed all this foreshadowing...
By Rob Leane
Cloverfield Monster Ending

8 Movie Plot Twists So Subtle You Totally Missed Them

Gotcha (if you think about it a bit, that is)!
By Alex Leadbeater
The Wolf Of Wall Street Leo DiCaprio

10 Bad Films By Great Directors

Because no great success was ever achieved without failure, or something.
By Taylor Burns
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12 Hilarious Amazon Reviews Of 2016's Oscar Winning Films

What do the Academy know, really?
By Simon Gallagher
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6 People Who Stupidly Thought Their Movies Should Win Oscars

No Leo, you weren't going to win before.
By Alex Leadbeater
raiders of the leo

7 Reasons Leonardo DiCaprio Hasn't Won An Oscar Yet

Deserve got nothin' to do with it.
By Taylor Burns
the revenant

8 Glaring Problems With The Revenant

Sometimes it's easy to get blinded by all of the hype...
By Brian Wilson
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10 Times Leonardo DiCaprio Made Your Tummy Flutter

This is his year. Maybe.
By Chris Peet
Godfather Dicaprio

10 Cancelled Movies That Would Have Made Billions

Giving up on these movies was throwing money down the drain.
By Sam Hill
The Revenant

Leonardo DiCaprio Isn't Even The Best Thing In The Revenant

Come for Leo, stay for the filmmaking masterclass.
By Alex Leadbeater
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Oscars 2016 Nominations: 15 Insane Shocks & Snubs

What a day! What a lovely day!
By Jack Pooley
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15 Most Controversial Movie Moments Of 2015

Bada** or horrifying? You decide.
By Jack Pooley
The Revenant Leonardo DiCaprio

Oscars 2016: 20 Biggest Best Film Contenders

This year's race to the big prize is a crowded one, packed with star quality.
By Tom Beasley
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10 Movies That Would Be Outstanding If They Weren't So Long

They'd be better if they weren't so bloated.
By Jacob Trowbridge
Leonardo DiCaprio Netflix

8 Ways 2016 Will Change Movies Forever

More than just the red capes are coming.
By Alex Leadbeater
Django Unchained Leonardo DiCaprio Calvin Candie

15 Great Movie Villains Who Totally Stole The Show

Everyone has enemies, if only they were as interesting as these guys.
By Johno Patterson
Frank Abagnale Jr

15 Movie Characters Who Look Nothing Like They Did In Real Life

They won't be winning any look-alike contests any time soon.
By Alex Leadbeater
Titanic Hate

10 Troubled Shoots That Resulted In Great Films

You don't make a great film without going through a ton of problems.
By Alexander Pan
Dicaprio Gatsby

10 Movies That Aren’t As Bad As Everyone Says

Give it a break guys - these films aren't as bad as you think.
By Alex Leadbeater
The Revenant Star Wars Episode 7 Joy

15 Incredible Movies Still To Come In 2015

Mad Max: Fury Road ain't the best movie of the year yet!
By Jack Pooley
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10 Most Pirated Films Of All Time

Cue puns about Pirates Of The Caribbean.
By WhatCulture
The Devil In The White City - Scorsese DiCaprio

Leonardo DiCaprio Will Be The Devil In The White City For Martin Scorsese

Hollywood's most creative actor/director pairing are at it again.
By Daniel Kelly
The Revenant DiCaprio

The Revenant: What To Expect Based On The Epic Trailer

DiCaprio + Hardy + Inarritu = the most promising film of the year.
By Brogan Morris
The Revenant Leonardo DiCaprio

First Trailer For The Revenant - Will Leonardo DiCaprio Finally Win An Oscar?

A new Western from the director of Birdman.
By Alex Leadbeater
Leonardo DiCaprio Django Unchained

11 Safe Good Guy Actors Who Should Have Played More Villains

When good guys should have gone bad.
By Simon Gallagher
Amy Adams Catch Me If You Can

10 Actors You Totally Forgot Were In Steven Spielberg Films

Before they became Walter White, Derek Zoolander and Mal Reynolds, they all worked with the…
By Geoff Cox
The Revenant Leonardo Dicaprio

Oscars 2016: 20 Films That Will Be Major Players

Will this be the year Leo finally wins?
By Brogan Morris