Mass Effect 2


21 Most Replayable Video Games Of The 2000s

There are few titles gamers won't go back through to get their money's worth, but these beauties ate up entire lifetimes for many different spectacular reasons.

7 Apr 2014 Scott Tailford


Top 5 Video Games of 2011

Our video game reporter Matt Mann chronicles his top five gaming titles of the past 12 months...

1 Jan 2012 Matt Mann

Mass Effect 3

MASS EFFECT 3 Combat Details

BioWare has updated their website with a new video that goes into more detail about the combat enhancements for Mass Effect 3.

1 Dec 2011 Matt Mann

Mass Effect 2

MASS EFFECT: Top 10 Morality Decisions

Our continued coverage of the upcoming release of Mass Effect 3 takes a swerve backwards to look at the ten most important, and potentially game-changing morality decisions of the series so far...

18 Jul 2011 Stephen Leigh