gaming Bioware/LucasFilm

10 Things Mass Effect Does Better Than Star Wars

Can Bioware's role-playing series really stand toe to toe with Lucas's juggernaut?

24 Dec 2014 Brandon Jacobs

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Fallout 4: 10 Things It Must Learn From Mass Effect

It's not just Elder Scrolls that can teach Fallout 4 a thing or ten...

9 Dec 2014 Gareth Cartwright

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Mass Effect: 10 Crazy Secrets (That You Totally Have To Check Out)

Secrets that every Mass Effect fan needs to know about!

1 Oct 2014 Tom Butler

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Mass Effect: 10 Badass Shepard Moments

Because renegade Shepard is best Shepard.

5 Sep 2014 Tom Butler

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5 Ways Mass Effect Betrayed Us

Hundreds of hours, thousands of decisions, FOR WHAT?

11 Aug 2014 Thomas Wesson

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10 Most Difficult Decisions You Are Forced To Make In Mass Effect

With entire species hanging in the balance, it's important that you make the right decision.

18 Jul 2014 Kenneth Cummings

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Mass Effect Movie: 10 Ways To Make It Not Suck

One of most beloved franchises of all time had the worst ending in gaming history... could this ever work?

8 Jun 2014 Dan Curtis

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10 Loveable Side Characters Who Deserve Their Own Video Games

Ever have the feeling the person you're hanging out with is cooler than you? So did the guys in these games.

25 Mar 2014 Sam Coleman

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10 Video Games That Totally Lied To Get Your Money

Bullsh*t isn't bullsh*t unless you can prove it. Unfortunately for these games, we can...

18 Mar 2014 Nathan P. Gibson

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10 Video Games That Wasted Their Ludicrous Budgets On Terrible Levels

Those irritating levels that ruin an otherwise perfect experience.

8 Mar 2014 Sam Coleman

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10 Classic Video Games That Deserve A Next Generation Definitive Edition

Tomb Raider is leading the way with spruced up versions of last-generation titles, what else would you revisit with a few tweaks and upgrades?

3 Mar 2014 Dan Curtis

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11 Video Games With Severely Underused Secondary Characters

Sometimes we just more a little more sidekick time.

26 Feb 2014 Gale

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10 Most Harrowing Decisions We Made To Progress In Video Games

Damn these games for messing with our morals.

29 Jan 2014 Scott Tailford

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5 Video Game Villain Archetypes (That We're Really Bored Of)

Zombies? Ancient evils? Insane corporations? What happened to, like, fighting against dinosaurs?

14 Jan 2014 Xavier Santana

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10 Best Mass Effect Squadmates

7 Nov 2013 Kevin Lanigan

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10 Video Games That Are Perfect For Movie Lovers

8 Oct 2013 Joshua horner

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10 Video Game Franchises That Were Destroyed In A Single Moment

11 Sep 2013 Shaun Munro

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5 Most Ridiculous Expanded Universes Ever

6 Sep 2013 Xavier Santana

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10 Greatest Role-Playing Games Of The Last Ten Years

25 Aug 2013 David Noriega

gaming archangel_teaser_logo_by_acavyos-d5g8xvq

Mass Effect: New Fan-Film "Archangel" Is Coming Soon

Even though Mass Effect's movie is long from being released, I have found the next best thing...

18 Jan 2013 James Moore