10 Greatest Role-Playing Games Of The Last Ten Years

25 Aug 2013 David Noriega


Mass Effect: New Fan-Film "Archangel" Is Coming Soon

Even though Mass Effect's movie is long from being released, I have found the next best thing...

18 Jan 2013 James Moore


Mass Effect 3: 10 Greatest Outraged Fan Responses

23 Dec 2012 Raymond Ly


16 Best Missions From Mass Effect Trilogy

20 Dec 2012 Laurence Gardner


Mass Effect 4: Let It Go...

15 Dec 2012 Raymond Ly


15 Good Reasons To Hate Modern Gaming

11 Oct 2012 Brandon Jacobs

Mass Effect 3

Mass Effect 4: 10 Ways To Fix A Broken Series

How BioWare can fix a series on the verge of collapse.

19 Sep 2012 Shaun Munro

Mass Effect 3

Mass Effect 3: Why I Didn't Like The Ending

So, is everyone sick to death of people talking about the end of Mass Effect 3?

25 Aug 2012 Colin Dray


Female Gaming Characters As Sex Objects: Is It Time To Get Real?

In an industry trying to be taken seriously as a medium, they go about it the wrong way with their depiction of women.

22 Aug 2012 Ryan Musker


"Girlfriend Mode" Is A Bigger Problem Than You Think

The entertainment industry loves a good scandal...

20 Aug 2012 Edward Smith

Mass Effect 3

Tasteful or Tasteless - What is Your View of Music in Gaming?

The impact that sounds in gaming have had in our lives cannot be ignored.

4 Jul 2012 Antony Wanjala

Dead Space 3 Logo

EA: We Want Dead Space 3 to Appeal to "Broad Audience"

EA giving Dead Space franchise the BioWare treatment of trying to reach a broader audience.

15 Jun 2012 Matt Mann


Mass Effect 3 & The Far Flung Future Of The Series

The trilogy is over, but what does that mean for Mass Effect as a series? We search the galaxy high and low to look for the answer.

28 Apr 2012 Lee Burton


The Witcher 2: Assassin of Kings Enhanced Edition Review (Xbox 360)

Don’t come thinking “ooo Dwarves, Elves, Magic!”, instead prepare yourself for sexually ambiguous monarchs, monsters with depression, morally grey despots, racism, adultery and bloody murder. Modern gaming should stop and take a long hard look at The Witcher 2.

17 Apr 2012 Jim Cross


Mass Effect 3 and the Curse of the Threequel

It’s the epic conclusion to a series of games which previously had me glued to my TV screen.....So why am I finding Mass Effect 3 such a chore to play ?

3 Apr 2012 Stephen Leigh

Mass Effect 3 cover

Mass Effect 3 Face Import Fix Coming

"We have fixed the issue of faces not correctly importing into Mass Effect 3, It will be included as part of the next Mass Effect 3 patch."

23 Mar 2012 Matt Mann


Cancelled Mass Effect FPS That Became Mass Effect 3's Multiplayer Pictures Leak

Bioware's goal was "to create a standalone multiplayer experience in the Mass Effect universe that would mix the play styles of Unreal Tournament and Battlefield 1943 — and likely be released as a downloadable game."

17 Mar 2012 Robert Zak

Mass Effect 3 Review Diary 1

Mass Effect 3 Review Diary 1: The First Four Hours [XBox 360]

The first installment in our irreverent Mass Effect 3 Review Diary. Warning: There Be SPOILERS Within!

16 Mar 2012 Michael Atkinson


Mass Effect 3: First Impressions

Our reviewer Michael Atkinson brings us his first thoughts as he takes on the Herculean task of actually completing Mass Effect 3 and reviewing it as he goes.

15 Mar 2012 Michael Atkinson

Mass Effect 3 cover

Mass Effect 3 Having Imported Save Issues

Mass Effect 3 has just been released in the United States but already there is a major issue with the game.

6 Mar 2012 Matt Mann