Metal Gear Solid

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10 Problems With The Metal Gear Series Nobody Wants To Admit

And number eleven, rations aren't nearly as life-saving in real life.

24 Mar 2015 Tom Baker

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10 Video Games You Can Never Admit You Haven't Played

It's actually painful to talk to people that haven't owned these.

27 Feb 2015 Scott Tailford

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12 Mind-Blowing Facts You Didn't Know About Metal Gear Solid

Did you know Solid Snake was based on Christopher Walken?

22 Jan 2015 Scott Tailford

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10 Crazy Facts You Just Have To Accept To Enjoy Metal Gear Solid

A psychotic fat man called Fatman on roller skates? What's not to love?

27 Nov 2014 Sam Coleman


10 Times Metal Gear Solid Was A Total Dick To Fans

From the outside looking in, MGS fans must look like abused lovers at this rate.

10 Oct 2014 Scott Tailford

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10 Video Game Fourth Wall Breaks No One Saw Coming

Refresh the page. Do it. Unlock the secrets...

26 Sep 2014 Sam Thorne

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10 Greatest Metal Gear Plot Twists

The best twists and turns ever conceived by Hideo Kojima's Metal Gear saga.

8 Sep 2014 Matthew Fisher

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10 Best Quotations From The Metal Gear Solid Franchise

Kojima's masterwork series brings character a new meaning with lines like these.

15 Aug 2014 Adnan Riaz

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Metal Gear Solid Remake: 10 Things That Must Remain Untouched

Metal Gear Solid remake? Awesome! Just don't mess with these things...

23 Jul 2014 Sam Coleman

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Metal Gear Solid: 10 Most Ridiculous Things We Just Had To Go With

Welcome to Hideo Kojima's world, please mind the vampires, nanomachines and ghosts.

8 Jul 2014 Sam Coleman

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Metal Gear Solid: Ranking The Boss Battles

One of the greatest franchises of all time, remembered for everything from cyborg ninjas to cardboard boxes, but who was the all-time best boss showdown?

1 May 2014 Robert Kojder

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10 Most Satisfying Conclusions In Gaming

You can't have a classic video game without an awesome ending...

11 Apr 2014 Jack Pooley

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19 Things We Learned From The Metal Gear Solid Series

From genetically-modified soldiers who can't die, to mind-reading boss battles and cyborg ninjas, MGS has taught us a hell of a lot.

1 Apr 2014 Scott Tailford

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Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes - 10 Things We Now Know About The Phantom Pain

Ground Zeroes is worth it's weight in speculative teasing for next year's Phantom Pain regardless of anything, and here's every juicy nugget of information we've gained from its runtime.

25 Mar 2014 Robert Kojder

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12 Biggest Upcoming Video Games That Could Release Killer Prologue Levels

Ground Zeroes has potentially opened the floodgates to triple-A titles having chunks released months before the main event, but which games would we want to see?

25 Mar 2014 Tom Gibbs

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9 Most Shocking Betrayals In Gaming History

Not only do you have to fight to remove the knife from your back, but when's done right you'll be picking your jaw back up too.

24 Mar 2014 Matthew Fisher

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Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes - 11 Easter Eggs True Fans Will Love

It might be short, but look hard enough and you'll find a boxful of MGS references and in-jokes.

20 Mar 2014 Robert Kojder

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Silent Hill: 10 Reasons A Hideo Kojima Reboot Would Be Awesome

With the MGS auteur expressing an interest in rebooting one of Konami's biggest franchises, we couldn't be more excited.

18 Mar 2014 Matthew Fisher

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10 Classic Video Games That Deserve A Next Generation Definitive Edition

Tomb Raider is leading the way with spruced up versions of last-generation titles, what else would you revisit with a few tweaks and upgrades?

3 Mar 2014 Dan Curtis