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Director Lynne Ramsay NO SHOWS First Day Of Filming For Jane Got A Gun!

19 Mar 2013 Matt Holmes

jane got a gun

Joel Edgerton To Play The Villain in Lynne Ramsey's Jane Got A Gun

12 Dec 2012 Matt Holmes

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What X-Men: Days of Future Past Film Could Mean For The Franchise

Potentially, this could rewind, unravel or even jetison out of existence minor or major parts of the five previous X-Men movies.

3 Aug 2012 Alex McKay


Prometheus Sequel Expected in 2014 or 2015, Damon Lindelof Might Not Write It

Alternative writers being sought for Ridley Scott's sequel that will star Noomi Rapace and Michael Fassbender.

2 Aug 2012 Jamie Baker

david-prometheus-620x340 5,092 views

Prometheus: Damon Lindelof & Jon Spaihts Confirm “36 Hours” Was NOT Scripted

Wow, the “36 hours” controversy in Prometheus just won’t die down!

18 Jul 2012 Benji Taylor

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Assassin's Creed: 8 More Actors We Want In The Movie

Now that Michael Fassbender has been cast in the lead role, here's how we think the rest of the cast should be filled out...

12 Jul 2012 Greggory Basore

david-prometheus 6,416 views

Prometheus Writer Jon Spaihts Confirms "36 Hours" Plot-Hole Was Deliberate

A commonly cited "plot-hole" amongst Prometheus detractors is David 8's "36 hours" moment...

12 Jul 2012 Benji Taylor


How The Assassin's Creed Script Should Read

Ubisoft Motion Pictures has secured an amazing actor for their Assassin's Creed adaptation, but they're still missing one huge component...the script.

11 Jul 2012 Michael Shelton

fassbender assassins creed

Michael Fassbender To Lead Assassin's Creed Movie

Prometheus actor also hired to co-produce Ubisoft's ambitious movie adaptation of their own best-selling video game franchise.

9 Jul 2012 Matt Holmes

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Prometheus: 8 Mythological & Literary Motifs In The Film

In Part 2 of his ‘Answering the Titan’ series, Benji Taylor explores the mythological and literary motifs underlying Prometheus.

5 Jul 2012 Benji Taylor

The Art of Prometheus 2,582 views

Prometheus: The Gift and the Curse of Alien

With Alien comes expectation but without it, the film wouldn't have been made...

1 Jul 2012 David Howland

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Prometheus: 20 Blunders That Ruined The Film

Damon Lindelof's script for Prometheus is one of the worst examples of modern day science fiction writing. Here's why it sucks...

21 Jun 2012 Amarpal Biring

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5 Prometheus Questions We Still Want Answered

Which then becomes questions among questions and suddenly we've got dozens of mysteries that need solving...

16 Jun 2012 Steve Leadbetter

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How X-Men: Days of Future Past Movie Could Work

Our theories for how Fox could execute this thrilling idea for a sequel.

13 Jun 2012 Greggory Basore

20th Century Fox 52,788 views

Prometheus: 5 Things We Want To See In A Sequel

With a Prometheus sequel now all but certain, we ask what exactly we would like to see in the follow-up...

12 Jun 2012 Benji Taylor

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Prometheus Secrets Revealed by Screenwriter!

Damon Lindelof gives answers to some of the most asked questions about the year's most enigmatic film.

12 Jun 2012 Robert Beames

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Prometheus And The Alien Prequel Problem

Why Prometheus, and no doubt its sequels, will gradually ruin the Alien prequel that has existed in your head for years.

6 Jun 2012 Adam Whyte

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5 Reasons Why Prometheus' Alien Heritage Is Its Ultimate Downfall

Prometheus falls well short of the mark simply because it fails to move out of the boundaries set by the Alien franchise and indeed the 1979 classic original.

5 Jun 2012 Tom Buxton

prometheus 41,177 views

Prometheus Review: Spoiler Heavy Analysis & Theories

Marcus leaves his 2500 word theory behind and gets implanted by the final film but did it live up to the hype?

2 Jun 2012 Marcus Doidge

prometheus review 8,224 views

Prometheus Review: Ridley Scott Delivers Mesmerising Sci-Fi

Seek it out for yourself and again remember that imaginative, daring sci-fi is out there for the finding.

30 May 2012 Shaun Munro