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5 Reasons Why Shame Was Criminally Ignored At Oscars 2012

Despite the praise lauded upon McQueen’s film the Academy decided that it didn’t merit a nomination at this year’s Oscars. Here's five reasons why they were wrong...

2 Mar 2012 D.J. Haza

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Brad Pitt, Jeremy Renner & Javier Bardem Circling Ridley Scott's The Counselor

Heavyweight trio battling to star opposite Michael Fassbender in Ridley Scott's low-budget thriller that shoots in May.

28 Feb 2012 Nick Savvides

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Michael Fassbender To Play Celtic Warrior Cuchulain in 'Irish Myths'

Fassbender teams with Public Enemies screenwriter for adaptation of an ancient Irish myth.

18 Feb 2012 Matt Holmes

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New Prometheus International Trailer

Trailer has snippets of new footage from Ridley Scott's return to his Alien saga, coming June 8th.

16 Feb 2012 Matt Holmes

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Michael Fassbender Is The Counselor For Ridley Scott & Cormac McCarthy?

Celebrated director has been talking to his Prometheus star about leading the 'No Country For Old Men on steroids' thriller that begins shooting May 1st.

10 Feb 2012 Matt Holmes

New International Poster for Ridley Scott's Prometheus

The giant head is starting to look like Marlon Brando in Apocalypse Now!

23 Jan 2012 Matt Holmes

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Win: Exclusive Shame Poster Signed By Michael Fassbender & Steve McQueen

Fancy getting your hands on an exclusive Shame quad poster signed by star Michael Fassbender and director Steve McQueen?

19 Jan 2012 Matt Holmes

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Haywire Review: Realistic Action Can't Save Limp Plot & Lifeless Characters

How an accomplished Oscar winning director who clearly understands story development and character felt this was worthy of consumption by an audience is the real puzzle.

16 Jan 2012 Adam Rayner

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Michael Fassbender Thinks X-MEN: FIRST CLASS Sequel Will Happen

"We're at the ground level, but yeah I think there's going to be another one."

11 Jan 2012 Matt Holmes

Watch First 5 Minutes of Steven Soderbergh's HAYWIRE

Catch the opening five minutes before the film hits theatres later this month.

10 Jan 2012 Matt Holmes

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New PROMETHEUS Images Are Obscure & Intriguing

See Charlize Theron do her best Ripley impression, Michael Fassbender & Noomi Rapace have freaky Photoshop poses, and then a creepy giant mythic sculptured head...

23 Nov 2011 Matt Holmes

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Brisbane 2011 Review: A DANGEROUS METHOD

Enjoy A Dangerous Method for its fine performances, beautiful aesthetic and slap and tickle bedroom scenes, because its central ménage à trois will leave you cold to the core.

17 Nov 2011 Oliver Pfeiffer

film X-Men First Class

Blu-ray Review: X-MEN: FIRST CLASS - An Awesome New Start

The best superhero film this year has hit our doorsteps with a visual and audio polish. Even with some bumpy moments from the extras and the disc itself, this is still a must own for superhero fan's everywhere and worth every penny.

31 Oct 2011 Jamie Slough

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London Film Festival 2011 Review: A DANGEROUS METHOD

A Dangerous Method is probably the tamest film David Cronenberg will ever make, but it is nevertheless worthy as a well-acted skewering of overreaching psychology.

26 Oct 2011 Shaun Munro

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Will Matthew Vaughn not getting the call from Fox to direct the X-Men: First Class sequel, will the adventures of Fassbender's Magneto and McAvoy's Professor X continue?

21 Oct 2011 Matt Holmes

film shame review

London Film Festival 2011 Review: SHAME

Deeply unsettling and blisteringly intense, Steve McQueen’s sophomore feature mines smart psychology and a magnificent, Oscar-worthy performance from Michael Fassbender for all they’re worth.

14 Oct 2011 Shaun Munro

film shame review

NYFF 2011 SHAME Review: A Brutal, Emotionally Ravaging Look At Sex Addiction

Shame is vibrant, exciting, deeply moving filmmaking, real cinema to get lost in and ponder for days afterwards. Michael Fassbender is a revelation.

7 Oct 2011 Mark Zhuravsky

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José Padilha Knows His ROBOCOP Cast?

Is the Elite Squad director waiting on Chris Pine or Michael Fassbender's schedules to clear to play the powerful cyborg cop or if not them, who?

26 Sep 2011 Matt Holmes

film Robocop

Michael Fassbender is ROBOCOP?

Director Jose Padilha reveals the X-Men: First Class actor is his first choice to play the powerful cyborg cop in his remake of the 80's action franchise that should begin filming in February.

25 Sep 2011 Matt Holmes

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Is Michael Fassbender THE MAN FROM U.N.C.L.E. For Steven Soderbergh?

With George Clooney ruled out with a back injury, Soderbergh could be looking to his Haywire actor to play Napoleon Solo in his adaptation of the international espionage show of the 60′s.

20 Sep 2011 Matt Holmes