film janeeyrereview

JANE EYRE Review From Haddon Hall!

On September 4th 2011 I caught a preview screening of the latest Charlotte Bronte adaptation at a Volkswagen’s See Film Differently event, where the movie was projected on location at Haddon Hall!

6 Sep 2011 Adam Lock

film shame review

Venice 2011 Review: Steve McQueen's SHAME

Steve McQueen presents in Venice his second feature Shame, a journey into one man's sexual perversions and sickness, starring Michael Fassbender & Carey Mulligan.

4 Sep 2011 Andrea Pasquettin

film viggo mortensen a dangerous method

Venice 2011 Review: David Cronenberg's A DANGEROUS METHOD

Most of the film is spent talking about psychoanalysis, sexuality and dreams; they touch the subject of polygamy without investigate it too much. But where is the interest?

2 Sep 2011 Andrea Pasquettin

X-MEN: FIRST CLASS Blu-ray Deleted Scene Reveals Real Reason Why Magneto Hates Xavier

Being an evil X-mutant can really be a drag sometimes. No really, I'm not kidding...

24 Aug 2011 Matt Holmes

Images From PROMETHEUS Comic Con Trailer Are Online

Low-quality snaps taken from Ridley Scott's sci-fi movie have a very Alien feel to them.

1 Aug 2011 Matt Holmes

film cassel dawson

Danny Boyle Adds Vincent Cassel & Rosario Dawson To Heist Thriller TRANCE

Replacing the previously linked Colin Firth and Scarlett Johansson as the villain and the hypnotist in the James McAvoy led thriller.

28 Jul 2011 Adam Lock

film haywire trailer

Watch Steven Soderbergh's HAYWIRE Trailer!

Haywire is Steven Soderbergh at his most pulpy bad-ass, pure entertainment intentioned level since The Limey and it just looks great.

22 Jul 2011 Matt Holmes

film first look promtehus

First Official Photo From Ridley Scott's PROMETHEUS!

First look at the legendary director's uber exciting return to the sci-fi genre is revealed at Comic Con.... but don't go calling it an Alien prequel!

21 Jul 2011 Matt Holmes

film 311112-ridley_scott_006_super

Ridley Scott's PROMETHEUS Filming In Iceland

Veteran director takes his new science fiction film to shoot at a reportedly ready to erupt Hekla Volcano!

12 Jul 2011 Adam Lock

Danny Boyle May Put Colin Firth & Scarlett Johansson in a TRANCE

Oscar winning The King's Speech star & Lost in Translation actress could join lead James McAvoy in 28 Days Later helmer's forthcoming heist thriller.

7 Jul 2011 Adam Lock

Professor X Replaces Magneto In Danny Boyle's TRANCE!

24 Jun 2011 Neil Upton

film a dangerous method trailer

Bootlegged Trailer For David Cronenberg's A DANGEROUS METHOD

15 Jun 2011 Matt Holmes

film bryan singer x-men

Bryan Singer Says X-MEN: FIRST CLASS Sequel Could Involve Civil Rights Movement

10 Jun 2011 Matt Holmes

film x-men2

X-MEN: FIRST CLASS Feedback: What Did You Think?

3 Jun 2011 Matt Holmes

film 12xmen

Review: X-MEN FIRST CLASS - 60's Bond Inspired Triumph, Fantastic Entertainment

1 Jun 2011 Mark Clark

film xmen first class review

Review: X-MEN FIRST CLASS - Outstanding Comic Book Movie

25 May 2011 Ed Whitfield

film xmen first class

X-Men: First Class - First Reactions

21 May 2011 Mark Clark

film michael fassbender danny boyle

Danny Boyle Will Put Michael Fassbender In TRANCES

7 May 2011 Matt Holmes

film akira-movie

Star Trek, X-Men, Twilight, Tron & Spider-Man Actors Wanted For AKIRA

22 Mar 2011 Matt Holmes

film xmen first class posters

Xavier & Magneto Posters From X-MEN: FIRST CLASS

1 Mar 2011 Matt Holmes