Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition

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Minecraft: Xbox 360 Gets Confirmed Creative Mode And Expanded Map Size?

Minecraftians are receiving Creative Mode soon, and may possibly be getting the expanded map they've been hoping for on the Xbox 360

18 Jul 2012 Michael Shelton

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Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition Patch 1.7.3 Includes Skins

One of the many additions to XBLA's Minecraft port in Patch 1.7.3 will be player skins, and they're even releasing a Skin Pack DLC.

4 Jul 2012 Michael Shelton

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Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition Gets Updated

Minecraft is getting in-game coordinate display, autosaves, added settings options, and more!

17 Jun 2012 Michael Shelton

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Minecraft 360 Played Online More Than Black Ops!

This provides further proof that Minecraft is a horribly addictive game.

29 May 2012 Michael Shelton

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Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition Set For Ongoing Updates

Sometime soon, your Minecraft worlds will become an entirely new wilderness.

25 May 2012 Michael Shelton

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Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition Review [XBLA]

A must play for newcomers to the franchise, the free sandbox gameplay is a sheer joy.

11 May 2012 Rob John Downer

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Minecraft XBox 360 Getting Rave Reviews

Console port of Notch's self-build masterpiece being roundly lauded on release from the great and good of the gamer hack community. Read what they're saying here.

10 May 2012 Simon Gallagher

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Minecraft Coming To XBLA on May 9 With Friends

Xbox Live's spring lineup is appearing to bring us a variety of entertaining titles to choose from.

23 Mar 2012 Michael Shelton