19 Mind-Blowing Facts You Didn't Know About Monopoly

Did you know the criminal in jail actually has a name?
By Tom Baker

Game Of Thrones Monopoly Review: All Men Must WIN!

You're in the big game now.
By Simon Gallagher

10 Stupidly Awful Gaming Prisons Staffed By Total Idiots

Gaming prisons are far, far too easy to escape, and here are the worst offenders. They should probably be locked up or something.…
By Edward Owen

World of Warcraft Monopoly Now Available

For those of you who manage to bravely pry yourselves away from the world’s most Heroin-like MMO; there’s a new Methadone in town and its name is World of Warcraft Monopoly.…
By Stuart W. Bedford

Street Fighter Monopoly Announced

Fans also have the chance to vote on the tokens included in the box on release.
By Marcus Doidge

Universal Won't Conjure Up OUIJA No More!

Universal admit defeat and pay the $5 million penalty to NOT adapt the board game Ouija into a tentpole feature and have put the project in turnaround.…
By Matt Holmes

Hasbro CEO Says Ridley Scott Still Attached To MONOPOLY Movie

By Matt Holmes

Hasbro event reveals OUIJA, G.I. JOE 2, MICRONAUTS & more

By Matt Holmes

MONOPOLY in Wonderland!

We now know how Ridley Scott plans to make the board game Monopoly into a movie, and brace yourself, it's probably the dumbest thing you'll hear all year. …
By Matt Holmes


By Matt Holmes