Namco's Masaya Nakamura: Obituary

"Father of Pac-Man" and Namco founder dies aged 91.
By Benjamin Richardson

New Star Trek Game Teaser Trailer

The promised teaser trailer for the upcoming Star Trek video game from Digital Extremes is here.…
By Amarpal Biring

New Details For Star Trek Video Game

By Amarpal Biring

Soul Calibur 5 Getting Maids and Swimsuits

Soul Calibur V is set to recieve a free balance and system update with over 240 changes to the core game systems on March 21st.…
By Michael Shelton

Pac-Man Party 3D Review [3DS]

Send it pac-king.
By Stephen Leigh

MCM EXPO Manchester Comic Con Preview

A look forward to the inaugural MCM Expo set for a 30th July slot at Manchester Central...
By Simon Gallagher