Namco Bandai

Star Trek: The Video Game Video Review

By Amarpal Biring

Star Trek: The Video Game Review – An Undercooked Adventure

By Xavier Santana

Star Trek Video Game: Mega Preview & Interview With SVP Of Paramount Brian Miller

By Amarpal Biring

Ni No Kuni Preview

Ni No Kuni is quite possibly my most anticipated game of the next six months.
By Laura Kate

Exclusive Interview: Namco Bandai Talk Tales Of Xillia

Namco Bandai's Hollie Bennett talks up the JRPG ahead of the North American and European…
By Laura Kate

Tales of Xillia Headed West

Tales of Xillia finally coming to Europe and North America.
By Matt Mann

Dragon Ball Z Budokai: HD Collection Announced

Namco Bandai unveil HD treatments for two of the best loved Dragonball Z titles
By Alex Martinet

Naruto Shippuden Storm 3 Teased

Slated for release late next year, Storm 3 should have plenty of time to fill in any extra…
By Damon

Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch Special Edition Announced

Europe and Australia getting a Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch special edition.
By Matt Mann

Namco Bandai Announce UK Inversion Release Dates

Coming to the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 on July 13th with the PC version released on the 27th.
By Stephen Chapman

Star Trek: The Game Villain Revealed And New Screenshots

The Gorn, the reptile aliens seen in the first season, Original series episode, ''Arena" to…
By Amarpal Biring

Dark Souls Exclusive PC Content Coming to Consoles

Dark Souls coming to Steam and extra content will be available to console users.
By Matt Mann

Skyrim Vs The Witcher 2: Who Will Reign Over 2012

Skyrim and Witcher 2. Two great Western RPGs. But which is better???
By Ed Moorhouse

Thundercats Ho! Platform Game Coming This Summer

Namco Bandai and Aspect Digital teaming up to bring the legendary cartoon to Nintendo DS.
By Simon Gallagher

Demon's Souls To Be Taken Offline In May

After seeing the message "You Died" flash up on screen so many times, this could be perhaps…
By Corey Milne

Sega, Capcom and Namco Working on 3DS Crossover Game

Three of the biggest names in video games will be crossing over.
By Matt Mann

Dark Souls Headed to PC?

Supernatural favourite coming to PC in a Prepare to Die Edition...
By Matt Mann

Amazon To Sell Signed Copies of The Witcher 2 - Enhanced Edition

Online retailer set to stock signed copies of The Witcher 2 for its launch on Xbox 360
By Harriet Jones

Ridge Racer Unbounded Review [XBox 360]

Great fun, extremely cleverly conceived and enormously rewarding once the steep learning curve…
By Simon Gallagher

Dark Souls Announcement Coming

Namco Bandai tease an April announcement for Dark Souls - will it be DLC or more?
By Matt Mann

Street Fighter X Tekken Review [Xbox360]

A great and impressively deep game: adding a lot of innovative new flourishes to a genre that…
By Simon Gallagher

SoulCalibur V Review [Xbox 360]

For all its faults and lack of real accessibility, Soul Calibur V must still come highly…
By Joe Trotter

DARK SOULS Ships 1.5 Million Copies

It should be noted that shipped is not the same as sold, however it is a good indication of…
By Matt Mann

SoulCalibur V Release Date & Ezio Confirmed

Ezio will be a playable character in the game coming early 2012.
By Matt Mann

Assassin's Creed Ezio to Appear in SoulCalibur V

A screen shot has surfaced that appears to show Ezio as a available fighter at the main…
By Matt Mann


Get your combat wings as Namco Bandai's flight and fight franchise with a difference takes a…
By Simon Gallagher