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10 Biggest WTF Moments In Super Mario Games

"Mamma mia!" indeed.

25 Nov 2015 Brian Wilson

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Nintendo NX: 8 Rumours That Would Dominate Xbox One & PS4

The return of the king.

24 Nov 2015 Brian Wilson

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10 Little-Known Decisions That Changed The Course Of Gaming History

Thank the gaming gods Pokémon's creator didn't accept being told his idea "wouldn't work".

8 Oct 2015 Alex Antliff

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Nintendo NX: 8 Innovative Console Features It Must Have

Nintendo's make-or-break console COULD be perfect. But will it?

1 Oct 2015 Michael Potts

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Super Mario Maker: 14 Most Creative Levels You Must Download

Torture, existential dread, psychedelic drugs - oh, and Mario Gear Solid.

22 Sep 2015 Robert Zak

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12 Nintendo Franchises That Could Be Adapted Into Movies

Nintendo films are on their way!

25 Aug 2015 Michael Waugh

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16 Mind-Blowing Facts You Never Knew About Nintendo

"That guy mopping the floors? Yeah, he created the Game Boy."

24 Aug 2015 Scott Tailford

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Satoru Iwata - 10 Iconic Nintendo Games You Should Play As Tribute

Some of Nintendo's greatest achievements wouldn't even exist without him.

20 Jul 2015 Lee Price


Legendary Nintendo CEO Satoru Iwata Passes Away At 55

"On my business card, I am a corporate president. But in my heart, I am a gamer."

13 Jul 2015 Scott Tailford

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10 Most Cringeworthy E3 2015 Moments

It's 2015, please stop trying to make memes funny.

21 Jun 2015 Josh Brown


10 Biggest Surprises In E3 History

The most shocking announcements at gaming's biggest event.

20 May 2015 Lee Price

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10 'Revolutionary' Gaming Features That Already Happened 20 Years Ago

"Motion control? Your dad was into that."

18 May 2015 Lee Price

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Nintendo Announce World-First Video Game Theme Park Deal With Universal

Bowser's Castle is a MUST.

12 May 2015 Scott Tailford

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10 Legendary Games Nintendo Must Bring To Mobile Phones

They can't sign this deal and NOT include Pokémon... right?!

20 Apr 2015 Barclay Ballard

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10 Fantastically Weird Things That Made You Love Nintendo

Please understand.

10 Apr 2015 Brian Wilson

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Are Nintendo Planning To Start Making Movies?

When the games aren't selling, why not try to conquer the big screen?

24 Feb 2015 Brendon Connelly


10 Questionable Moments In Nintendo Games You Totally Ignored

Sometimes Nintendo's games aren't as sugary and smiley as one might believe.

15 Dec 2014 David Oxford

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10 Video Games That Prove The Wii U Is Far From Doomed

Nintendoomed, you say?

16 Oct 2014 Philip Haynes

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9 Reasons Why The Wii U Will Succeed (Eventually)

The house of Mario is making a comeback.

16 Oct 2014 Sam Thorne