video game developers

10 Best Video Game Developers Working In 2016

The people you have to thank for the best games of the decade.
By Scott Tailford
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10 Unreleased Video Game Consoles You Never Knew Existed

You might know the cream of the crop, but the crop has better stories to tell.
By Kieren Hawken
nintendo nx zelda

Nintendo Confirm 'NX' Console, The Legend Of Zelda As Launch Game, Playable At E3

They'll be in your hands by this time next year.
By Scott Tailford
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10 Great Video Games That Didn't Get Good Until Halfway Through

Wait for it....
By Matthew Byrd
luigi's mansion

8 Massive Predictions For Universal Studios' Nintendo Theme Park

$250 million has been invested, so who makes the cut?
By Brian Wilson
Universal Resort Nintendo

9 Exciting Things Coming To Universal Resort Orlando

Get ready for the thrill ride of your life.
By Jen Gallie
nintendo nx

8 Bold Predictions For Nintendo At E3 2016

Sony and Microsoft's days are numbered.
By Brian Wilson
Nintendo nes pad

10 Nintendo Gaming Innovations That Changed Everything

Without Nintendo, you wouldn't even be able to save your progress - think about THAT.
By Tom French
IMAGE DISTRIBUTED FOR NINTENDO - In this photo provided by Nintendo of America, from left, Uyq Nguyen poses with Andrew Hosking, dressed as Ganondorf, at an off-site event during PAX Prime 2014 on Saturday Aug. 30, 2014 in Seattle. Attendees dressed in th

10 Things Only Hardcore Nintendo Fans Will Understand

Look, just... Amiibos are pretty cool, okay?
By Bryan Langley
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9 Upcoming Wii U Games That Will Redeem It In 2016

The NX is just around the corner, but the Wii U still has a few big hitters left.
By Robert Zak
Super Mario Game Over

10 Hardest Super Mario Levels Nintendo Ever Created

These badboys will lay waste to your 1UP counter.
By Mark Langshaw
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8 Things Nintendo NX Will Do Better Than PS4 & Xbox One

Who are the big PlayStation and Xbox exclusive characters again? Exactly.
By Michael Potts
Mario Oculus Nintendo

Nintendo NX: 7 Reasons Why 2016 Release Is A Bad Idea

Too soon.
By Michael Potts
nin nx

Nintendo NX: 9 Predictions For The Console’s Biggest Secret Feature

Morphing controller screen? Yes, please.
By Michael Potts
Nintendo NX

Nintendo To Officially Unveil New Console 'NX' In June 2016

And it'll be in your hands before Christmas.
By Scott Tailford
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Nintendo NX: 8 Reasons It's Already Doomed

Stuck between a ? block and a hard place.
By Brian Wilson
nintendo NX

Nintendo NX: 9 Things It Needs To Avoid Another Wii U Failure

It's do or die time for the world's most iconic games company.
By Robert Zak
Super mario princess toadstool wtf

10 Biggest WTF Moments In Super Mario Games

"Mamma mia!" indeed.
By Brian Wilson
Nintendo NX

Nintendo NX: 8 Rumours That Would Dominate Xbox One & PS4

The return of the king.
By Brian Wilson
Super Sad Mario

10 Things Nintendo Wants You To Forget About Mario

Gaming's most famous mascot has a dark past of adultery and animal abuse.
By Sam Thorne
Nintendo pokemon

10 Little-Known Decisions That Changed The Course Of Gaming History

Thank the gaming gods Pokémon's creator didn't accept being told his idea "wouldn't work".
By Alex Antliff
Nintendo iPhone

Nintendo NX: 8 Innovative Console Features It Must Have

Nintendo's make-or-break console COULD be perfect. But will it?
By Michael Potts
Super Mario Maker

Super Mario Maker: 14 Most Creative Levels You Must Download

Torture, existential dread, psychedelic drugs - oh, and Mario Gear Solid.
By Robert Zak
StarFox Zero

Wii U: 9 Hotly Anticipated Games That Actually Make It Worth Buying

The console's not dead yet.
By Joe Pring
Pokemon Fan Made Poster

12 Nintendo Franchises That Could Be Adapted Into Movies

Nintendo films are on their way!
By WhatCulture
Nintendo facts

16 Mind-Blowing Facts You Never Knew About Nintendo

"That guy mopping the floors? Yeah, he created the Game Boy."
By Scott Tailford
Satoru Iwata RIP Nintendo tribute

Satoru Iwata - 10 Iconic Nintendo Games You Should Play As Tribute

Some of Nintendo's greatest achievements wouldn't even exist without him.
By Lee Price
Satoru Iwata RIP Nintendo

Legendary Nintendo CEO Satoru Iwata Passes Away At 55

"On my business card, I am a corporate president. But in my heart, I am a gamer."
By Scott Tailford
Nintendo E3

10 Most Cringeworthy E3 2015 Moments

It's 2015, please stop trying to make memes funny.
By Josh Brown
Executive Vide President of Sales & Marketing for Nintendo America, Reggie Fils-Aime, left; President of Nintendo Co., Ltd., Satoru Iwata , center, and Senior Managing Director and General Manager of the Entertainment Analysis and Development Division, Sh

10 Biggest Surprises In E3 History

The most shocking announcements at gaming's biggest event.
By Lee Price